Anyone getting married in Rome?

We have now decided that Rome is our choses destination, but there are so many wedding planners and sites out there that I don't know where to start looking..

Sooooooooooooo, if anyone out there is doing the same, could you please send me onto the right tracks? Which planner are you using? Are you finding it easy or stressful? WHat are you doing after your ceremony? All I know is that we want Rome, the rest is just a vast choice of possibilities!

Thanks for your advice,


  • Hi there,

    Yes we are getting married in Rome on June 5th next year. We haven't used a planner we just doing it ourselves via web etc.

    There is an Irish website called and there is a whole strand on their chat forum as it's quite common for Irish brides to get married in Rome if they are Catholics. We used that site and made short list of church, hotels, restaurants, venues, hair stylist etc then went over there in September and done the leg work, visited priest and paid deposit, visited all hotels and picked the one we wanted, visited restaurants and made our booking with the one we wanted, I had a hair trial and we gathered the info about transfers etc, got a load of tourist maps to put in with the invites. - it was a full three days!

    On that website there is a strand called NEW everything you need to know about Rome and that is helpful . I wrote a little info page to put in with our invites and the map- happy to send that to you if you want?

    Best of luck

  • Hi, girls!

    im so excited, Im also getting married in Rome, my future husband has done his proposal to me there, its such a wonderful and romantic city so we decided to get married there. 

    I have already found a make up artist and hair stylist in Rome, we have recently had the trial session as we have been  on vacation this year, and she is simply fantastic, highly professional, makes you feel very relaxed and beautiful, gives you the tips on the style and skin care, im really happy I have found her, if anyone needs her name is Anna, and the web site is 

    I know the most important things in organising are a great photographer and make up and hair, so if anyone can give me some tips on great photographers in Rome? with modern reportage style I will be very happy!

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