Time of day for wedding


Was just wondering what all your wedding co-ordinators have said about the time of day to get married.

I was thinking of later on in the afternoon when its a bit cooler.However I dont know what time sunset is in Mauritius in november,I dont want our photos in the dark!!

Any practical advice,experience or just thoughts in general girls?



  • tammy1uktammy1uk Posts: 33
    Hi there,

    we've opted for 11.00 am before the heat gets too much. We're getting married in Cyprus October and am aware that the weather is still full on then.

    That way we get the photo's done before we start melting..

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    Hi Melanie,

    I'm getting married in Mauritius in Dec 07 and am planning on having the ceremony at either 4pm or 5pm to beat the heat. The hotels usually offer these two times and say that's the best light for photos. In November the sun will be setting about 6.30pm. I think I will go for as late a time as possible as we're not planning on having a long ceremony.

  • Mauritius07Mauritius07 Posts: 131

    I initially asked for a 4pm wedding but now ive ordered my dress and love it so much ive been thinking about bringing the time of the wedding forward so i can make more of the day and wear my dress for longer - after all you do pay enough for it in th efirst place dont you!!


  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241

    We are getting married in Cyprus at 11.30am. We had to choose between 10 and 3pm, so thought it will be a bit cooler then, yet give me time to get ready!

  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    I didn't have that much of a choice (11:00 to 2:00).

    If I could I would opt for a later wedding so it would be cooler. You can spread the day out by organising a champange breakfast for everyone.

    I love weddings!!!!!
  • hannbloomhannbloom Posts: 19
    Hi Melanie and Kristy,

    I'm getting married in Mauritius this November. My wedding is due to take place at 4pm when it will be a little cooler and once the ceremony has finished we have a short break for drinks before the photographer carries on with the photos at sunset.

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  • jocelynukjocelynuk Posts: 4
    Hi Melanie,

    The sunset in mauritius is at 6.15pm in december. A good time to start your wedding is 4.30pm. then you can have some photos on the beach and wait for the sunset for some more photos. I am myself a professional wedding photographer in mauritius specialised in beach wedding pictures. If you want me to shoot your pictures take contact with me by e.mail [email protected] first of all have a look at my gallery at http://onlineweddings.co.uk (dont forget to select country mauritius)


  • Thankyou all for your responses thats been really helpful!

    Mel x
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