I'm new and thought i'd introduce myself to you all.

I'm Angie and my h2b is Dom and next april we are getting married abroad in mauritius and we are soo excited about it.

I've only just found this website, had used another one previously but its nice to find a site with a section dedicated to weddings abroad.

How is everyone getting on with their plans and are there any other april 07 or mauritius brides out there who fancy a chat.



  • Hi Angie,

    I am getting married later this year in Mauritius at The Taj.

    Where are you getting married?

    Preparations are all but done-I didnt waste much time!

    I have had my dress made-its lace & quite heavy so no doubt I will swelter !!

    I have gone for some Fillipa Scott shoes & accessories have been handmade for me by a designer in London called Gillian Million-she is awesome!!

    I am so excited-its my first time but my H2B has been married before-one of the reasons why we decided to go abroad.

    Mel x
  • Mauritius07Mauritius07 Posts: 131
    Hi Mel,

    We are getting married at La Pirogue next April.

    We booked the wedding package via virgin holidays and i have been in touch with the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel since then.

    I've got all the necessary paperwork to fill out from virgin eg copies of birth certs and passports etc and then we'll sort out finer details when we arrive.

    How long will you be in mauritius before you get married??? We arrive on the monday morning and then get married on the thursday, havent decided what time yet, thought it would be 4pm but now ive ordered my dress i want to wear it for as long as possible so am thinking we might go for it earlier in the day.

    Its both our first marriages but as we're not particularly religious we werent bothered about a church wedding so have just got 8 people going with us for it and thats fine by us.

    I have just ordered my shoes from rainbow club and my dress is a maggie sottero which i love.:\)


  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi Angie! Sorry, I'm intruding a bit, I'm not getting married abroad or in April, but just thought I'd ask which Maggie Sottero you're going for? She's got some stunning dresses!


  • Mauritius07Mauritius07 Posts: 131
    Hi Carly,

    Its this one and i absolutely adore it, getting it in diamond white.

    How about you???



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  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    That's the same as me, in Diamond White too! It's so gorgeous!
  • Mauritius07Mauritius07 Posts: 131
    Wow, i can't believe you've ordered the same dress as me, my own wedding dress twin!!! it is a stunning dress though isnt it. I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it and then took my mum back with me 9 weeks later and i still loved it and so did she so we ordered it there and then.

    Unfortunately i have to wait till december to see it again cos thats when the shop reckons it will be in.

    When/where do you get married???


  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    It is beautiful, I've booked an appointment to go and see it next sat again so that I can fall in love all over again as I've been getting withdrawl symptons! Iget married 16th June, at the Two Bridges hotel, which is on Dartmoor in Devon, can't wait!
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