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budget for Santorini Wedding

I am counting down the days not long I get married in Santorini in June 07. h2b & I have not booked any extras for our wedding abroad yet, only our standard wedding package with Fisrt Choice. so we got hair& amake up. a meal with 18guests,photos, Greek muscians& taxis. is there anything else we should included so we have covered a good buget for what we need. Has any got married in Santorini already? or any general information would be a help? I think i am panicing. there may be hidden costs our standard package includes cermony admin fees a glass of wine each a cake and a bouque for me. what would you say is an average budget amount to cater for a Santorini Wedding?



  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Hi Angela, we leave for Santorini on the 15th May so you're not long after us. I've booked the restauant and we're arranged to go to see them on our arrival - cost approx 25 euros per person for set menu, photographer booked - cost 300 euros. Hair - approx 250 euros. I've booked into a salon in Oia. Consulation week before and then they are coming to the hotel on the day.

    Booked hire car yesterday but only for 10 days. So all in all we budgeted £1100.

    If you need any info, yet me know.

    I've been feeling a bit low the last few days (hair looks a mess cause I'm waiting last minutes to get cut and coloured) and I've broken out with cold sores. Hopefully by next week I'll be back on course and start to enjoy.

    Oh and I've booked for us to have half a botlle of champers on the plane going out.

    Love Claire x
  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78
    hi Claire

    thank you for your information. Its just nice to talk to someone who is going through the same things i know what you mean when you say your hair is a mess. I been growing my hair since last year and my roots need doing again. you will be fine time you arrive in Santorini with the sunshine on your face your cold sore will be gone. oooh champers on the plane now that sounds goood!!!!!

    we have budget about £1600 for wedding bits First choice holidays did give us an additional price list and the bridemaids posy start from anything between £50.00-£60.00 i thought this was very expensive so i have ordered silk flowers bouquets here which cost bridemaids about £27.00 each. we can also use the bouques again for the party back in england. i keep it in mind about the hair prices in euros you have stated. you will have to let me know how your wedding went when you are back we fly to santorini on the 5th June for two weeks.

    Angela x
  • suzc_81suzc_81 Posts: 93
    Hi I'm just in the process of booking for Santorini for May next year. We are going for the Santo winery. Just wondered where you guys were staying as we have seen a couple we like but not sure which to choose. Also, have you booked through a company or done it separate? Have you had much support from their end?
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    Angela, I promise to let you know all the details before you leave. Hopefully, I'll have some photos as well.

    My cold sores are looking alot better todya and I'm started to get really excited again. Final dress fitting on Saturday and picking my my silk bouquets (for 3 bridesmaids) tomorrow. £65 for three. What a bargain. H2B goes on his Stag Do tomorrow and then it's my turn on the 10th May. Only 6 full days left in work. Can't wait now.

    I bet you're really excited?

    I was looking through the holiday brochure this evening and noticed that at our hotel there are only 7 rooms! No wonder they can bring every guest their breakfast each morning and serve it on your own terrace.

    I have been looking at the waether and at the moment its only 16 degress, I hope it warms up just a little bit before the 15th May.

    I'll probably be busting a gut to get back on here as soon as I get back so watch this space.


  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78

    Glad to hear you are felling better. i am getting too excited. my hen night is on the 18th may. i have still got a list of things to do. i rang first choice airway today, to see if they can hold my wedding dress on the plane i even ask if we got a 1st class area on the plane no the lady said so it looks like i will have to put my wedding dress in a suitcase.

    Ang x

    Hello Suzc

    we are getting married at the santo winery and we are staying at the tamarix del mar in kamari. we have bookwed through a travelagents first choice you get a standard package then a list of additionals in which you can sort out when you arrive at your resort. support ok i have had good customer service but i will say it is down to you to sort out your own documentation not first choice nad they will not check first choice did give us alot of information but i have found talking to people on this website very helpful


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