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Webeditor - did i do something wrong????

On my post below you've changed my web link for my dress - did i do something to offend or should i have done it different in the first place??



  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Hi Angie

    Don't worry, you've done nothing wrong! The URL was just really long which was knocking the page alignment out in certain internet browsers. So all I've done is turn it into a shorter one so that the page displays correctly for everyone. Also makes it easier for people to cut and paste the link if it's fewer characters.

    If you are trying to post a really long URL, then I would recommend going onto a website such as which can reduce the size down to something a little more manageable, and readable. Wherever we see anything that has misaligned the page, we'll try to change it just so people are able to read the page much easier.

    Best wishes

    Web Editor
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