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wedding dress in suitcase!


i need advise on how to pack my wedding dress and accesories, it has to go in a suitcase in the hold! after many telephone calls to thomas cook this is the only alternative, therfore how are other people packing theri dresses in suitcases???

do i put it in a gown bag then in a wedding box then into a suitcase or am i fussing???

help i dont want anything to go wrong with it...any advise would be appreciated



  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    I think you should call the airline you are travelling with directly. I am very surprised that you cannot take it on the plane with you. If you really have to, I think it would still be better to put it in the box, as opposed to squash in the suit case. But check with the airline first.

  • atracie1atracie1 Posts: 99

    Im going with Airtours and Ive called them but they wont budge,I have to put mine in the hold too!!! Im just going to wrap it acetate free tissue paper, put into the dress bag and then into a hard suitcase, and put a 'fragile-wedding dress' sticker on it. Ive spoken to people who have taken their dresses in the hold and they've been fine, so try not to worry!


  • WeddingfanWeddingfan Posts: 432
    My cousin put hers in a hard suitcase - it had come from America and then went to cyprus. She hung it up as soon as she arrived at her hotel - it was fine. You should get extra weight allowance.

  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    HI, the airline wont budge! so def has to go in hold, they said they would provide fragile stickers when we get there. is that what everyone else has done?

    also i was thinking of putting the dress in a gown bag into a box then the box into the suitcase which is hard ish!!!

    would this be ok, ?
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    Thats sounds fine furball, first choice have told me I can take mine has hand luggage in a box as long as it fits in with the measurements.

  • sarahharveysarahharvey Posts: 707
    My wedding shop have said they put abroad wedding dresses in a box which can be taken on as hand luggage.

    I used to be a travel agent and airlines will let you take this on as hand luggage as long as it's within the airline's guidelines for size.

    Good luck!

  • LissysmommyLissysmommy Posts: 733
    I thought i would take mine in hand luggage and found out the size ans thought no way will it fit in there. Cos the air line have different sizes to what the airports say to check that.

    I've now bought a hard case and have got to get labels to stick on them.

    Hope you can take it on as handluggage

    Kelly xx
  • kay306ukkay306uk Posts: 96
    Check out they do wedding dress travel boxes that fit in the overhead lockers.

    I had one for my dress & accessories. I had no problems my dress was in one peice after several plane trips to vegas & hawaii & back.

  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    checked the hand luggage size there is no way my dress will fit into it, im just gonna have to pack it suitable well in suitcase and pray!

    where do you get those stickers from ?

    also do you think im being paranoid about it getting there ok, im stared stiff its going to go missing!!! by the way we fly with thomas cook, and the hand luggage cannot exceed 5kg which is nothing they are just not willing to budge and compromise.
  • i feel exactly the same as u furball. i am flying with first choice and my dress is very heavy and huge, there is no way it will fit in their hand luggage requirment size. this is my main worry. it has taken me £1500 and 8 months to get my dress, i do not want anything to go wrong with it. i know im insured but i want my dress not one i have to buy in cyprus on the quick two days before the wedding. i was thinking? other than wedding dresses surely other people have to take large expensive items. they must have a more secure hold or a seperate part you can pay extra for? i just dont want to be parted from it! Sorry, i will go now i have got it off my chest!!
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603

    BSD i totally agree, my dress totals to over £1000 and there should be special arrangements when it comes to this, after all they do say expensive items to go in hand luggage. is there any one who works for an airline who may know more information on taking dresses in the hold....? or anyone been and done it????
  • I think that this is shocking, too!! The thing that really annoys me is that the airlines are so strict with the hand luggage restrictions when you check in, and then you get on the plane and the guy next to you has stocked up on goodies from Duty Free, ALL of which you can take on the plane. Obviously, as long as you're lining the airport's pockets, they suddenly don't care what you're taking on. This will be my argument if I face problems like this. If the woman behind me can cart on her cigarettes, heavy bottles of Vodka and perfumes, then I won't be parting with my dress!!!

  • jleacyjleacy Posts: 69
    Hi guys

    Im putting mine in a dress bag and a large suitecase, we fly with thomsonfly.

    But my friend got marrried in dominican republic last year and she wrapped her dress in a duvet to make sure it would be ok and she said it was perfect. Because of the cushioning its stopped it creasing. Is an idea i maybe be interested in. My dress was 1100 and is pretty big so i dont either want it ruining for the big day. Collect it next sat cant wait. wedding shop are going to pack it for me as they know how to for when transporting it abroad especially a 10 hours flight like us to mexico
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    hi girls

    for any of you who are travelling with airtours/my travel, they let me take my dress on board with me and they even took it and hung it up downstairs on the plane for me on the way there and on the way back

  • tanneuktanneuk Posts: 71
    I would pack it in a box to be safe then place it in a suitcase. I have a massive case I can fit into from antler it would be big enough for any dress i'm sure and it was only £60. I would be a bit nervous of it being in the hold. Try calling the air line and see if you can carry it on in the box that way you know where it is.
  • lclashlclash Posts: 27
    Hi Kel2,

    Thanks for your message. I am flying with My travel/Airtours and as we are flight only, they have not been very helpful. My suit case for the dress is not that big and i would love to have it with me as hand luggage. I am flying from Cardiff, I am so worried. I was told to wrap the dress in tissue paper and then duvet cover and will be fine. I am happy to do that but just dont want to part with it. I was relieved when I read your message but I wonder if they will be the same with me???

  • Hi girls

    My mate got married in Cyprus last year and we flew Thomas Cook. It was in one of the dress bags that folded over like a suit bag and they were fine at check in. My friends mum sat with it on her knee for 4 hrs!!! I'm a travel agent and to be honest the rules change all of the time. image

    You are right though hand luggage is only 5kgs and they won't budge. Its the old health and safety lark that over rules everything. The long haul airlines are usually more accommodating as luggage allowances are sometimes larger than your med charters.

    On a positive note I know of a £1500 dress travelling alone in the hold recently from Newcastle to Gatwick then on to Vegas and it arrived in one piece as have lots of brides dresses.:\)

    My advice to you is to check with the airline as you have done and make preperations in advance. If it has to go in the hold, the boxes mentioned and the fragile stickers are a good idea. Its no good going and hoping that they will let you because that would be a nightmare!

    Overall Thomas Cook are generally a good company and I think you will be fine... good luck!
  • Hey girls,

    I am in the same boat!!

    I am travelling with Thomas cook and the hand luggage size they give you is far too small for a dress box of any size!!

    My advice to you is to make sure that your suitcase is fully waterproof as if it was to rain the colour may run onto your dress packed inside! what a nightmare that'd be!!

    I am taking my daughters bridesmaid dress to the shop where I got my wedding dress from and they are going to pack them into my suitcase for me.

    Did you make sure that you have your extra baggage allowance for your bridal attire? I spoke to the travel agent and explained the situation and then they gave me an extra 25kg for 1 extra suitcase for bridal attire which was very welcome! Please be aware though they do not give this out automatically, you have to ask.

    Im sure they will all arrive fine,

    x cb x

  • ZebedeeukZebedeeuk Posts: 98
    Hi girls - I fly to the Seychelles next week for my wedding. I didn't want to put my dress in the hold either really but airlines offer a free extra 10kg for sporting goods and you can use this for your dress as long as you pack it seperatly - just ring your airline and ask for it. I have never actually experience lost luggage before - you'd have to be pretty unlucky to get your dress redirected somewhere else! Even if it is (worst case) they'll still have it with you in 24hrs.

    Make sure your hotel name and destination is on the case in large letters.

    It'll be fine girls (thats what i keep telling myself!!) image

  • i didnt realise any of this, and now im worried!!! we are planning to get married in sri lanka and i really dont want my dress on my knee for 12 hours!!!! and then what about the rest of the things you need to take with you, like your normal clothes, make up, wash gear, tiara, shoes etc!!! There must be a better way around putting it in a suitcase in the hold all and taking that as part of your weight limit!!! plus i too would be worried about it going missing and ruining the whole day!!! It all sounds very worrrying!!!
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    I'm afraid its tuff luck really...i have phoned thomas cook tons of times they wont budge therfore the tiny dimensions of the hand luggage wont do so has to go in the hold. i have kinda got used to the fact i am just gonna have to pray and hope it arrives.

    i even asked if the dress could be hung in the cabin but they said no it cant.

    what else can you do?
  • claret25claret25 Posts: 98
    The lady at the dress shop said that she would pack my dress as small as I needed if I wanted to take it with me as hand luggage.
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    i am going to fit my dress into one suitcase and then hopefully the rest will fit in to, if not i am going to have to put in a separate case, although can i just ask are you allowed to take more than 3 suitcases cos ive got one for my dress, and the other one will have holiday clothes in...what are you all doing? i do have extra baggage allowance for wed gear but how many cases, are you allowed????
  • We are flying with Thomas Cook and they say that you can take one extra suitcase which has to be as small as possible and they only allow you to put the wedding dress in it, not even the grooms outfit or bridesmaid dresses and they check when you get to the airport!!!!!

    Sarah x
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    hi sarah, so is that what you are doing? it is riculous what thomas cook say.

    the suitcase i have bought is quite big so dont know what to do.
  • I bought a small hard case for my dress, I was hoping that it may get on as hand luggage so that we don't have to put it into the hold. I am just hoping my dress actually fits into it! Thomas Cook did not give me any dimensions that the suitcase had to be, just that it should be small as it was an additional suitcase for the dress only. You, apparently have to check in all your other luggage and then take the 'dress' suitcase to another check in area for fragile items which is where they supposedly check what is in there. I have told my bridesmaids that they will have to put their dresses in their own suitcases. I got this info from my local Thomas Cook, it might be worth checking with the weddings department if you want to be 100% sure.

    Sarah x
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    hi i know bridesmaids are taking their own dresses, and im taking my dress in a large hard suitcase all i was told was that i would be provided with fragile stickers when on arrival at airport check in, no mention of separete area to go to, we have at the min just two suitcases, i tell you what im not opening my suitacase up when i am only taking teo as it is to prove it is my wedding dress only, im really pissed off with it nobody is giving a striaght anser about it and i dont fancy fannying about at 5am in the morning when due to fly....its all a worry to me!
  • I'm flying with Airtours too and they won't budget, I'm so glad that it's not just me. As I have visions of either not arriving at all or it being ruined when we get there, maybe I will ask the airline if they will provide fragile stickers. All my things total over 1400 and I really really don't want anything spolied.

    Thanks everyone I've heard some really really good tips.

  • Quoted:

    i need advise on how to pack my wedding dress and accesories, it has to go in a suitcase in the hold! after many telephone calls to thomas cook this is the only alternative, therfore how are other people packing theri dresses in suitcases???

    do i put it in a gown bag then in a wedding box then into a suitcase or am i fussing???

    help i dont want anything to go wrong with it...any advise would be appreciated


    i have got a wedding box which is supposed to fir in with the dimensions of the hand luggage

    however after phoning jet2 they said it was 5cm too long and i would either have to put it in the hold ( with no extra baggage allowance) or buy another seat on the plane!!!!

    i have had to but the seat but my dress is not allowed any duty free, 18kg baggage or to drink on the plane despite it being the price of a passenger

    i have ony booked it one way and someone will bring it back for me as we stay on honeymoon

    some airlines do not give a s**t about wedding dresses but golf clubs are fine!!!
  • clairsmith10clairsmith10 Posts: 187
    right girls, i posted on here a while back and thought i would update, i went to get my bm dresses today and i was expressing my worries about the fact that my dress wont fit in a hand lluggage box and has to go in the hold!!! They then went on to show me that even their biggest dress in the shop manages - if folded correctly to fit in to thier h.l box. they spread the dress out and started by laying the end of the train (the middle) and then folded the sides in, then folded consertina type, with tissue in between each layer. it honestly did not look as if was gonna anywhere near fit! but it had loads of room left, so its woth trying, as i am ssoo worried about it going in the hold!
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