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Hi girls,

For all of u getting married abroad in a church I thought I would share with u something that's just happened to me

I thought I would send my planner all the necessary documentation bia email so she could check it. She hadn't asked me too but coz I'm such a fretter I thought I would (get wed in June in Paphos)

So, I scanned both our birth certs and my baptism cert and she mailed me back saying that the brith certs were the short versions and not the 'long' A4 ones and that my baptism cert hadn't been signed by the Vicar!


I didn't even realise and I was baptised in 1986!

So, make sure that if ure getting married in church abroad that your legal required documents are all correct and up to scratch!

Thanks xxx


  • Hello,

    Sorry to here that tis happened to you, luckly my wedding planner has told me everthing.

    Where do you get the full length Birth vert as both mine and H2B are both the short version?

    Thanks xx
  • Hi!

    I asked my planner this and i've been told that the short version is fine! this has come from cyprus dream weddings so from what i've been told you should be fine with the short version! i was on their facebook page and got talking with one of their brides who got married in September and they had the short version too and was no problem!

    hope this helps!

  • Hiya girls,

    My planner hasnt got back to me re my response to her but it seemed like for getting marriedin the church I need the long version. I have them so it's fine hmmm x
  • nikg_87nikg_87 Posts: 1,082
    Hi butterflyrobin...

    How did you get the long version? I must check this out, I am not getting married in a church but like you I worry about EVERYTHING so must look into this...thanks xxx
  • St Lucia Bride - you can order the long certificates online, thought we had the ones need but unfortunately they're onyl the short ones -
  • tam27uktam27uk Posts: 600
    Hi guys I work in recruitment and we cannot register people without a full birth cartificate

    PHONE the town hall in which your birth was registered, they will send you one. take a week and costs £7

    be careful most councils offer this service online it costs £25-40 but if you PHONE them the max they can charge is £7.

    I have just got mine through x
  • Hi St.Lucia_Bride

    Both my mum and h2b's mum had them xx
  • kas-75kas-75 Posts: 448
    I went into my local registry offices and picked up the releveant forms, you have to send them to the local registry office to where you were born. Yep, £7 long version, £5 short. I've been told i need long versions for zante x
  • Glad I have them then! x
  • Hi Butterfly Robin

    I too am getting married in a church in Cyprus. It is Ayai Krikai. I will get onto the birth cert thingy (not till Sept so should be ok) my questions is to do with baptism certificates. We are having an anglican ceremony(my other half is catholic but we were told we couldnt have catholic as I havent been baptised) do you think the fact that I dont have a certificate may be a problem?

    When is your wedding? (Apologies if I have spoken to you before, not been on here for a while!) xx
  • Hiya hun,

    Im getting married in that church too. We are having an anglican ceremony and I am the one who has been baptised, my h2b hasn't been.

    Have u got a planner or have u been liasing with the church direct? There has been no prob with us having an anglican ceremony with only me being baptised!

    As long as one of u is and has the cert. x
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