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Good Timing

Hi Guys

When are you havng you reception?

June 07 I should be getting married in Skiathos about 1:00pmish. Then we will be going onto a boat for a party crusing round the island back to the hotels.

Should we:

Carry on from the boat to the reception straight away.


From the boat (after many toasts) Go back to the hotels for a break. When it gets cooler start the reception.

My Mum (who is there at the moment half organising stuff) wants me to do it all straight away, but I think it will be far too hot and everyone will want to go back to there hotels too soon. I want the day to last as long as possible. Plus, I want fireworks and fairy lights, it's just not gonna work my Mums way.

What are you doing?

LisaM x

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  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi Lisa

    We are getting married in Cyprus at 11.30am, so are planning to have a drinks reception with light bits in the afternoon because it will be to hot. Then planning a sit down meal later for about 7/8 ish, when it cools down. By looking at others post, this seems a popular option.

    Know what you mean by making it last all day, its your special day after all.

  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    Thanks Em W

    My friend got married abroad and her reception was late afternoon. Some guests drank so much after the wedding, that they slept through the afternoon and missed the reception!!!

    Hopefully, my friends and family know me enough that they wont do that coz I'll just drag them out of their rooms (seriously!!! DRAG!!!).

    Also, can I tell them that they still have to be dressed up and they can't come later in their shorts!!! I'm wearing my dress until it falls off with sweat!!!!!!!

    LisaM x
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241

    To right. I've told them all that I expect them all to be in smart dress for later. H2B was bit worried about being to hot all day, but ive come to comprimise. He can change into smart cooler clothes after photos but must be back in his wedding wear for 5pm. We are hoping to have sunset photos so it will work out well.

  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288
    Were getting married ad 1pm and are having champagne and canapes on the restaurant terrace and bar until about 6pm when we'll sit down for the meal.

    One thing I hadnt thought about though was that it leaves everyone too much time to get drunk before the meal.............good point. Nothing much I can do about that though I suppose.


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