Dominican republic --- hair and make up

I am getting married in 115 days and wanted to pay for someone to do my hair and make up once out there, but i'm a bit worried about the products they might use etc, or ideas they might have that I won't like!! Anyone had any experiences with hair and make up abroad?? thanks :\?


  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    when i got married in the DR the hotel had a spa/salon,the girls were really good,styled our hair really well,they also had make up artists there too,think it varies from resort to resort but i would of thought most hotels have this..
  • We also marry in the Dom Rep (may) I'll be doing my own hair & make-up..

    I'm having "trials" in the UK before I leave, with my Mum so she can watch the stylist and then copy this on the day (we will be practicing beforehand a lot). My friends Mum is also a make-up artist and she's offered to teach me/Mum on how to apply on the day - being that I won't want heavy make-up due to having a tan etc..
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