Photo tips for unphotogenic bride???

Hi, I am getting married in Mexico in April 2010. The problem is I am very unphotogenic!! I am a sixe 12 and hoping to lose some weight before my wedding, but I just look horribly fat and ugly in all photos. Everyone always says 'oh no, you look lovely' but I know I just do not photograph well! A few good close friends have agreed with me, I don't look that bad in real life but unfortunately I just end up looking horrendous in photos. So does anyone have any tips??? I really want to look back at my wedding photos and love them!


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    lol,dont worry,im unphotogenic to but when i got married in the dominican the photographer was great,the sun really sorts you out too,try and relax.

    i think ours were photo shopped slightly too because in some of the photos my husbands flower had moved to the other side of his suit jacket,
  • Talk to your photographer! Maybe see if he/she can take some photos before the wedding so you can work out how you look best.
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    It may be difficult to meet up with your photographer beforehand because of getting married in Mexico. I would think that you are likely to be nervous on your day and this will probably make you even more conscious of how you think you are going to look on your photos. This may sound daft, but it might be worth practising. The good start is that you know you look nice in real life, so I would suggest, get yourself all dolled up, or whatever you do, to make yourself feel nice, maybe whatever you would do to make yourself feel and look nice when you are going for a special night out. Now again, lets remember that you know you look nice in real life, keep going back to that. Ask a friend, someone that you really trust, and that also you can be relaxed with, to take some pics of you when you are feeling and looking good. Make sure you have a bit of time so that you aren't rushing. Try some different poses, perhaps some of the poses that you may take on your wedding day. Just keep remembering that you look good in real life!! The camera will only record what it sees (honestly, trust me on this one) Get your friend to take loads and loads and loads of shots. Assuming they are shooting with digital. When you have finished taking the photos, load them onto a pc, (I know I'm making a lot of assumptions as to what you can and can't do). Then look through them. There will be some that you'll think OMG I look awful, (these are the ones that every bride and groom have taken of them, but the photographer doesn't show them) there will be some that yuo think, yep they're ok, and becasue we are still remembering that you look lovely in real life, there will be some that (hopefully) you will think, yes actually I look nice in those. Those are the ones that you need to print a few of, put them in an album, put them on facebook or whatever, let people see them. Let people see that you look nice in photos. Don't forget, lots of people have said to you that you look nice in the photos, its only you that doesn't believe it. Don't pull silly posed faces, smile a little, if it feels natural, ask your friend to take the pics quickly once she has you in the position that she wants you in, so you're not standing there for ages with a false grin on your face. If you are then going out (becasue you are looking and feeling gorgeous by now) ask your friend to take the camera with her and to take shots of you when you aren't posing or even expecting a photo to be taken. This isn't meant to try and catch you out, but often some of the nicest pics that I take are the candid, unplanned ones.

    Anyway I hope this helps a bit, and don't forget, every bride is beautiful to her husband, and he will always see you as beautiful on your wedding photos. Good luck and have a wonderful time

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