What is everyone doing for their New Year's Resolution?


For the past 10 years my NYR has been to stop biting my nails, well I stopped 6 months ago so now I have to think of another.

Which is to lost some weight or at least get toned, for years I weighed 8 stone 2, then for the past 2 years I've been putting on abit of weight, I hadnt dared get on the scales to find out exactly how much. But I decided to a month ago and I weight 9 1/2 stone! I got on it again this weekend and now weight exactly 9. I'm 26 and about 5ft 2, although I have put some weight on I am still able to get in to most of my size 10 clothes but have sometime had to get a 12. I bought my wedding dress over a year ago as they were going to be discontinued, I tried that on a month ago and it fits just looks abit tight at the side, even though I zip it up at the front and turn it round to the side where it should be! image

I'm going to eat healthier and exercise more, even if I dont go for a run (I cant afford to join a gym) I can get a dance dvd and do that! Its difficult though when you live with someone who eats pizzas, chips, burgers loadsa junk food and doesnt even put a pound on and has a 28" waist!

W x


  • To carry on with my weightloss!

    I am 5ft2 and havve lost 15lb doing ww last year. I was 9stone11 and a size 12 before Christmas week. Would like to be 9stone and a 10. I excercise a lot so I am toning up nicely. 9st is realistic for me!

    Trouble is I have put on 4-5lb in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you think a couple of years weight gain has been a stone or so, think yourself bloody lucky!

    I haven't gone ott, just eaten what I fancy and not excercised for a week!

    Some people have all the luck! xx
  • I need to lose a stone am currently 9 and want to be 8

    I also need to stop biting my nails and crackin my knuckles! x
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