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When to send.....

When should we send out our invites.....

here is a bit of background:

We are getting married in Austria, in a ski resort, in half term week (traditionally the busiest week for ski holidays)

We have given save to dates out to about half the people (just because we saw them over xmas etc) and h2bs cousin is designing our invites at the moment.

Now, I have always gone on 6 months before for weddings abroad, and thought this would work as people need to save up etc and most people we are inviting already know. so that would be sending them out August time.

Now, mil2b and a couple of other people have mentioned maybe we should send them out eariler as alot of people get back form this years ski holiday and start to book next years, specially if they go during half term week. They have suggested we send them out around easter time.

We would set the RSVP as nov/dec time so we had time to sort out with the hotel in austria for the meal, and know exactly who is coming well in advance - so we can always help people with travel stuff etc.

So, just advice really.....what do you think we should send out our invites?!?!




  • Hi there,

    I'm not bothering with formal invites but i did do save the date type invites.

    I actually gave them out 18 months before the wedding!

    I just thought that once the wedding was booked, people may as well know when it is to start saving etc, especially as mines in half term week too!

    I know most of our guests have booked now, we are just waiting on a few more, but i'll give them till Feb and then get in touch. Ours is in June.

    Hope this helps!
  • I think if u are doing the proper formal invites then 6 months - 4 months is fine. If u r worried people will start to book other hols around the same time of ure wedding then I would send a save the date or tell them.

  • Im wondering the same thing at the moment - cant see the point of a save the date then you have to send two items?

    Also what do you do about sending hotel details etc for the guests? How will they know how much to save? Should you send them an idea...?

  • Hi,

    we sent out our invites a year in advance, I put in a letter which gave them a list of hotels and prices and the details of the travel agent we had instructed, at the end we said that it was entirely up to personal preference to how they wished to book.

    most went with our agent, as she offered us a very good price.

    Hope that helps

  • we sent a save-the-date/invitations a year in advance, and included a weddingpath web address, explaining that we would update it nearer the time with dates, times, hotel addresses etc. About 6 months before we made sure all the vital info was on there so people could start booking.
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