Cyprus Wedding Planners....

Hiya, could anyone please reccommend wedding companies in cyprus, i really dont know where to start, if you could give details of support, communication, prices, what was included that would be ace. i'm thinking 2011 or 2012 wedding.

Thanks so much xx


  • HI! We used aisle of love (as many brides on here have). They were fab!

    Heres their [email protected]

    They have a facebook page too., The prices vary for different packages.

    Happy planning! If you want to email me for any more info....x
  • Thank you i have contacted them along with a couple of other planners I have managed to pick out from the forum!

  • Also joined the facebook group and oh my goodness all the venues look stunning! how are you meant to pick one!! i still need to convince OH to pick cyprus, he wants to get married abroad but no here, he has it in his head its like a conveyor (sp?) belt! hes so mardy sometimes!! xx
  • Hi, I am using Cyprus dream weddings, again they have a variety of packages/prices.

    They have been extremely helpful with me.

    Good luck xx
  • MrsHyland2bMrsHyland2b Posts: 1,845
    Hiya chick, I'm using Paphos Prestige - Ruth has been a god send and I honestly couldn't ask for more. Granted loads of wedding are like a conveyor belt, as they are in lots of other resort type locations around the world that's why your planning is so important. I don't want that either so we're doing a quick town hall ceremony (yes convyor like but no one standing watching in speedos... I hope! ) we are then heading off to an exclusive use taverna for a personal symbolic ceremony followed by a three course meal, cypriot dancing and a disco - I can't wait! You just need a contact out there who you can trust completley and you know 'gets' what kind of wedding you want. Good luck with the planning hun! x
  • Thank you so much for the replies, i believe i have contacted the two mentioned aswell! i really dont know what i am doing though lol i dont even know how much to expect it to cost - eeeekk! price will determine whether it be a 2011 or 2012 wedding! xx
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