Planning a vegas wedding...

Hiya, me and OH are arguing over where to have our wedding, im thinking cyprys, however he wants vegas! i have had a quick look through the other vegas thread, however what i would like to know is how people have gone about planning their weddings, i know in cyprus there are a lot of wedding companies, and alot are recommended on here but im really not sure where i would start with a vegas wedding - please help! xx


  • Hi

    im a vegas bride i got married in oct 2009, it was the best day ever and so easy to book everything.

    if you email me on [email protected] i will send you the link to my wedding bio with lots of information in it. and loads of handy links to vendors etc.

    i have got to getting married in vegas is the best! your hubby is right get married in vegas you wont regret it.

    what type of vegas weddding are you looking for?

    give me an email and i will send you the links over.

    there is also a few 2010 brides with lots of ideas too

    love sarah
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