So excited! Booked a short trip to Cyprus to "sort things"!!

Well i've decided on my fiance's recommendation to go toCyprus for a few days in April to look at our hotel venue etc. Cant wait! I wasnt going to bother , but then easyjet have just brought out a new route and now fly to Paphos from our local airport - how good is that!!! Just wish we knew that before we booked our outward flights for October where we are flying with BA from Gatwick so bit of a trek!!

I am going to take the opportunity to get a hair trial done whilst i'm out there as that is the thiing that is worrying me most of all! Is there anything else i should be doing? May look at flower suppliers too if anyone has any recommendation for florists that would help me.

I just hope I like the hotel now as its all booked and cant do anything about it now!! i'm going with a friend so we will have a bit of a laugh too i hope!


  • Hey dawnexe,

    Im doing the same thing! H2b and I get married in May 2011 and we're going out in March (nearly) this year to meet our wedding planner, look at the hotel etc etc very exciting! When do you get married and what hotel is it? x
  • Hi, we're actually getting married at Peyia town hall with our reception in the Kefalos hotel afterwards and we are staying there too. Getting married October 21st 2010! Cant wait.
  • Ooohhhh Dawnexe. You'll have to let me know what Peyia is like as we're getting married there in August. I can't wait image
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