Hello Im getting married next year in the Dominican. Any tips?


  • vik987vik987 Posts: 175

    i am planning to get married march 2009 in dominican,

    WHat hotel are you staying at? I think we are going to book Melia carbe tropical hotel.

    Good Luck

  • hi we booked the sunscape casa del mar for a wedding june 08 but had to cancel as my parents could not come ( lack of finances ) we are looking at other options but will probebly book the same place for june 09 as i really love it.

    the only thing thats a put off is the documentation needed and the cost of translation, we have considered jamica, but it would mean all guests would have to come for the fortnight as we would have to put a coach on to manchester as no flights to jamica from newcastle.

    we are thinking of keeping the booking for 08 and just going for a holiday and having a look around but as with everything else i am not decided.

    this wedding lark is so confusing.

    which side is the melia carbe on , just looked through my wedding brocher ( always on hand) and i cannot find it.

  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    We are getting married in melia caribe tropical next november so would love to chat to any ladies going there around same time!
  • vik987vik987 Posts: 175
    We are getting married in melia caribe tropical next november so would love to chat to any ladies going there around same time!

    I shall be going to the same hotel in March 2009, just waiting to book it at moment

    If ya wanna chat email me

    [email protected] m s

    (I have to put spaces in email adress but take them out)

  • regeebeeregeebee Posts: 70
    tips - make sure to get your paperwork sorted as early as you can - DR is great! You'll have a fabulous time. I also reccommend getting a trio during the ceremony/reception (a little bit of Dominican culture) for the wedding image
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    We have booked the Iberostar Costa Dorada. Is there a lot of documents needed?
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Ive just been reading some of the posts and im dreadin this documentatio lark i cant believe that poor couple who went to the Dominican and got one of their names spelt wrong so they arent legally married thats scary. Also been on the Dominican Embassy web site to see how much it costs for the documents to get translated its going to cost a mint. I wonder when First Choice are going to give me some info as im starting to panic. never mind at least ive found my dress because i was dreading that, there are so many to choose from x image
  • regeebeeregeebee Posts: 70
    If anyone wants some info on the documents you'll need send me your email and I'll forward you some notes. I don't want to hog up the space on the board. - A couple of my caribbean brides from the US have used wedo for translation and legalization of their documents, I know one of our UK brides attempted to use them, but ended up being such a hassle - Safest bet is to use one near home - The Spanish Translation Bureau will do everything that you need - note - they are a bit costly! Congratulations again image - KatieCrush, don't panic, it's all going to fall into place. What exactly are you waiting on your dates? Availability?
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Hiya regeebee my email is kcushley @ ive gave them my preferred dates so i am waiting to hear back from them with more info. If you could email me with info on the documents that would be great.
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    Hi KatieCush

    I am getting married at the Iberostar Costa Dorada in September 07.

    We went two years ago to our friends wedding there and it was fantastic.

    I am just upto the document stage now - so going to Solicitors on Wednesday to get single status declaration signed and then to London to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for them to authorise them. Then we have to send them to the Dominican Consulate to be translated etc and that is it then I think! I believe it will probably cost around £800.00 altogether but will update you.

    Not stressing too much yet, what date are you getting married?

    Dudelet x
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Thanks Dudelet, bet your excited not long to go. We have requested the 13th or 14th august to get married. What day are you getting married? Katiex
  • wcumiskawcumiska Posts: 114
    Hi KatieCush

    We are getting married 12th September 2007, just under 9 weeks until we fly!

    Don't worry about the documentation, I was concerned but it was a doddle!

    We got full copies of our birth certificates from the Town Hall £7.50 each. We then typed up the Single Status Declaration and got Solicitor to sign them £5.00 Oath Fee each.

    You then need to send all four documents to The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London - We went a week last Thursday in person and must admit we had to wait in a big queue (2 1/2 hours in total) but you get them done there and then £27 per document.

    Finally I then sent the four documents to the Dominican Embassy in London which was £580 for 4 documents to be legalised and translated into spanish. I have received them back today after less than a week so all in all in took about 2-3 weeks but no drama!

    It was dead straight forward s don't let it worry you. You will have a great time at the Iberostar Costa Dorada - we could not fault it hence going back ourselves to get married there.

    If you have any more questions let me know.

  • hi, we cannot start on our documents until mid march 08, but having looked into it i am not at all worried, we live in newcastle so we will either have to post our docs to The Foreign and Commonwealth Office or we could go in person and make a small trip out of it.

    it all just seems so far off.

    I think i have already mentioned earler in this post, we are getting married at Sunscape Casa del Mar in

    Bayahibe, La Romana, This is the south of the island which is meant to be the most " tropical & caribeanyy" side of the island.

    We are going with our two children who will at the time be 23 months and 10 years, both sets of parents will be joining us for the second week, during which we will have our ceremony.

    I know it sound backwards, we wanted guests with us for the first week and then just us for the second but because of the residancy rule, we couldnt book the wedding until the second week.

    actually i think it may have worked out for the best as this way we have two sets of grandparents more than willing to look after our children for a couple of hours every now and then so we can enjoy the honeymoon week of the holiday doing things together, like diving and relaxing by the pool with a drink or five.
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Thanks Dudelet,

    This document lark isnt cheap is it? The only thing im worried about is we live in the North East and a trip to London probably wont happen and i really dont trust the post. Still havent had my date confirmed yet. Who did you book your wedding with? I booked with first choice and i wanted to know what type of flowers you get in the boquet. Do you get a choice do you know??
  • wcumiskawcumiska Posts: 114
    Hi KatieCush

    We booked with First Choice aswell!

    The trip to London was well worth it, took the worrying out of it for us although our friends did post theirs when they got married and had no problems so whatever suits you.

    I'm not quite sure what choice exactly you get for the flowers. I know when our friends got married in 2005 they were lovely. I don't think they actually stipulated what flowers they wanted, I think they just gave them colours they wanted incorporating and they matched them for them. I think they left it up to the wedding co-ordinator to decide, I'm going to take colour swatched and pics of flowers etc.

    I'm sure if you take a picture of any flowers you want they will try their best to get them or the next best thing? I do have an e-mail address for the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel if you wanted to check with him?

    HIs e-mail is [email protected] and his name is guillermo.

    Keep me up to date with your plans!

    Dudelet x
  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Thanks Dudelet, Id be happy with tropical flowers its just a friend of my mams got married there and we seen her pictures and the boquet wasnt very nice and the photographer took all of the photos around it. Just tryig to sort out my party when i get back. Got some bargain bowls from Ikea for my centre pieces they were 48 pence each. Let me know how your plans are going.

    Katie x
  • MrsG2B2009MrsG2B2009 Posts: 12
    Hi all

    I'm hoping to get married at the Iberostar Costa Dorada in December this year (just waiting for the hotel to confirm our dates).

    I have been reading with interest some of the threads on what paperwork is required and it has got me into a bit of a panic - is it necessary to do everything in the UK or is it possible to get it done in the Dominican (thought it might be cheaper there). £800 seems like loads of money image( worried that we won't have as much to spend on the wedding as we thought.

    I've changed by name (parental divorce) so am also unsure how the Deed Poll is going to affect things.

    Any advice from people with experience would be appreciated.

    Anna xxxx
  • khdjfhejkhdjfhej Posts: 17
    Hi, we have just returned from the Dominican Republic where we were married in the Melia Caribe Tropical. It was fantastic and I would love to pass on tips to anyone that has booked to go. There were a lot of hidden extras that I wished we had known about in advance and would like to pass on the information.

    It really is the most fantastic place to get married, everyone had a wonderful day and was well worth the huge journey.

  • KatieCushKatieCush Posts: 37
    Hello, Karen congratulations im glad everything went well. What were the hidden extras im flapping about how much its ending up x
  • lorax85lorax85 Posts: 25
    Hi Karen & Katie

    I have booked to get married at the Iberostar Dominicana next july. There is 26 of us going - cant wait!!! A little bit worried about theses hidden extras as am on a strict budget! I think i will be doing some overtime by the sounds of it. We asked in the travel agents when we booked but werent really given all the information - I would appreciate any advise going?


  • khdjfhejkhdjfhej Posts: 17
    Hi, it was only a couple of things that we could have avoided had we known before we travelled. Firstly our guests stayed in different hotels to give us a bit of space after the wedding (although the hotel is so big, we should all have stayed in the Melia) to bring a guest into the hotel, it cost $95 per person!!!! so it cost us about £500 to bring our guests in for only six hours.

    Secondly, in our wedding package, we had 39 photos and an album, when we met the photographer, he had taken 112 and made up a DVD. They were fantastic photos and we couldnt choose. In the end we bought the DVD, all the photos and the copyright for a grand $1500 or £750.

    I wouldn't have it any other way though and the wedding was brilliant, we have already booked to go back to the Dominican next year.
  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    Hi karen, we are getting married in the melia next december and would appreciaye any advice you could give us.

  • ktaylorukktayloruk Posts: 141
    Pink fairy bride. We have just returned from our honeymoon in Bayahibe and we stayed near the Sunscape Casa Del Mar (Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus). On the way to our hotel half the coach were staying there and it looked spectacular from the outside. Bayahibe is a fabulous place with friendly people and would highly recommend going on the trip to Isla Saona, it was magical. The sand in Bayahibe is like powder and when you go out a bit in the sea there are lots of different fish around you.

  • kirsty , thankyou every little bit of info gets me exited.

    we have just found out that the sunscape casa del mar has been bought by the playa group and will more than likeley be turned into a barcelo resort in the next few months - i was concidering changing hotels, but i do really want to get married in the south of the island.

    I was thinking of changing to the IHD but we have our parents coming with us and i didnt think it was fair to make them pay for a more expencive hotel and amendment charges, so we are staying put.

    I have stopped panicing about it now.

    i just can not wait. i wish ot was next week - but i still have a lot of saving to do and weight to loose
  • kazinozkazinoz Posts: 51
    Hi All,

    We are getting married in the dominican republic in May 2008 - not long now!!!

    Does anyone know when we should start to get the paperwork sorted, is there a time frame that it needs to be within before you go?

    Any info gratefully appreciated!

  • Hiya Karen, I cant believe that we are in 2008 already i am used to saying that im getting married next year. The paperwork needs to be started 3 months before your flight to come home and no sooner. Its stupid. Do you know what you need?
  • kazinozkazinoz Posts: 51
    hi Pinkfairybride,

    When do you get married at sunscape? we are going there too getting married in May 08. Not long now!!!
  • kazinozkazinoz Posts: 51
    hi Katiecrush,

    any info for the paperwork gratefully appreciated?????
  • wcumiskawcumiska Posts: 114
    Hi Karen27

    I got married last September - we had a 12 week time frame to get everything done in. So you should be getting your skates on if you havn't already!!

    You need to get your 'Single Status Declaration' typed up and checked at your solicitors. I think it cost £5.00 for each one.

    Then you need to send/go direct to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London with your full birth certificate and single status declaration and have them verified by them. Finally you send them off to the Dominican Consulate in London for them to be verified? again and translated and then you are set to go!! Costs about £600 in total if I remember rightly.

    If you need any other info let me know,

    Dudelet x

  • What a hassle! We're getting married in the Dominican Repub this June. I changed my name when I was younger due to my mum remarrying and it's cost me loads extra as we now have 5 documents to get legalised, translated, Certified etc. I am panicking slightly now as we're going to get the Stat Dec next Wed & we're gonna have to send all our docs to London by post as we live too far away to visit. It will have cost us about a grand by the time we're finished. I thought getting married abroad was gonna mean it was less stressful but it's been nothing but stress. It also took me ages to get a solicitor to do me a stat dec & yes I realise I could've drawn one up myself but I watched watchdog the other week about mistakes on documents messing up weddings in the Dominican and now I'm paranoid. To be honest I just can't wait until all this document malarky is over now!
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