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What Hair to have with my new dress - Maggie Sottero Caprice

Hello Ladies,

I am getting married in Barbados in April - not long now!

I have just got a new wedding dress - the Maggie Sottero Caprice which I love, it's the back of the dress that pretty much makes it and struggling a bit on what hair to have.

I need to show off the back bit so I am thinking of some sort of Side do as I want to have my hair down but obviously need to show the back off.

I have seen a couple of style, what do you think? Would love any suggestions - sorry for the links I couldn't get the pics to sho on here. 2ND One down

Oh and here is my dress -



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  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Hiya Smile09,

    I love your dress its absolutely gorgeous. I am having a Maggie too, Stella:

    With yours and mine I would say similar hair to what they have shown online. I quite liked Tinas hair the other night in Corrie at her Dads wedding. Platt one side going around to a side bun

  • Hi Smile09

    The back of your dress is identical to mine - I have Maggie Sottero Reese - well I hope to have it - it hasn't actually arrived yet!

    I wanted to have my hair down but have decided the back of the dress has to be on show so will need to find some sort of Up Do! I want something with myabe trailing ringlets ... but not even looked yet and wedding is looming! And I don't know what sort of hairdresser will be available in our hotel in Sri Lanka .... arghhhhhhhhh.
  • Shezza3Shezza3 Posts: 160

    Thanks for your replies!

    I looooooooooooove Tina's hair, it is really nice! Gonna research for more pics!

    Are you girls having a hair trial here before you get a idea of how its going to look? I'm thinking of maybe doing that?

    Both your dresses are beautiful!!! Reese is the same at the back isn't it.

    I have my fitting next month! And still need to get shoes! Well actually I just recieved some from but I think the heel is too high! arrrrrr!

  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Hiya hun,

    glad u liked the hairstyle, me too lol

    I am having hair trial 3 days before the wedding eeeek!

    I bought these the other day:

    Still need to decide on what to have in my hair x
  • Hi, I also have the Caprice dress. I can't wait to wear it!

    I was thinking something like this as I'm big on the 1940's and want to look very vintage. I am going to have some kind of hair slide on one side to keep my hair back and have it all over one shoulder to show the back of the dress off.


  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Hi Smile09

    The back of your dress is identical to mine - I have Maggie Sottero Reese - well I hope to have it - it hasn't actually arrived yet!

    I wanted to have my hair down but have decided the back of the dress has to be on show so will need to find some sort of Up Do! I want something with myabe trailing ringlets ... but not even looked yet and wedding is looming! And I don't know what sort of hairdresser will be available in our hotel in Sri Lanka .... arghhhhhhhhh.

    Hi Nightbird,

    I also have Maggie's Reese! So nice to have a dress twin at last! What are you having accessory wise and also, are you wearing a veil? I go to try on my dress tomorrow as it arrived in store this week, I'm so excited x
  • Shezza3Shezza3 Posts: 160
    Hi dress twin!

    That hair is gorgeous!!! I have been looking and now seen loads I like! I guess I will have a play around and decide! When is your wedding?

  • Hi! Thanks, I have seen some really nice hairclips on They have some good stuff and more importantly it is cheap! My wedding is on 18th June 2011. It seems ages away but I'm sure it will fly by. You must be getting excited about yours now if it's in April! x
  • Hi Blondebride

    I began to wonder if I had imagined our dress as no-one else seems to be wearing it.

    When did you order yours? I am so worried mine is not going to turn up! And may I ask what size you ordered? I ordered mine a size smaller than advised and have lost 12kgs since - but I still don't know if it will be enough!! Altho I still have a few months to keep on the diet!

    I bought tiara in debenhams at Christmas, got kitten heeled silver sandals with big jewels from Next and think I have decided against a veil as one less thing to choose and pack - and I want to show off the back of the dress!

    Am not going to wear a necklace but big earrings - perhaps the Swarovski parallel ones - with a big teardrop crystal. And I want a blingy bracelet.

    Good luck with your try on and let me know what you are doing underwear, veil and hairwise wise?


  • PS Bondebride forgot to ask when and where you are getting married?


  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Hi Nightbird,

    Just got back from the wedding dress shop trying on my dress as it arrived last week and it's stunning! I orderd it on July 14th last year. I am so happy with it and its been about 7 months since I tried it on.

    I am also not wearing a veil as like you say the back of the dress is amazing and when I tried it with the dress it didn't do it justice at all. I ordered it in a size 14 which is bigger than I need but I know it's easier to take in than out. It does need quite a bit of taking in at the bodice but I've paid for a package of £150 where they will do as many alterations as you need. I'm on a diet as well though so might drop another size by my next fitting in April.

    Underwear wise the lady has advised me to wear no lace, no beading, no bra so it looks like it'll just be a very plain thong. We're getting married in Lindos, Rhodes on 9th July this year so that will suit me fine for the heat. Unfortunately it means I won't exactly be sexy on our wedding night so I will buy a nice outfit to change into after the wedding is over.

    I am wearing the 'Carrie' shoes from Dune in silver and have just bought a tiara today from the bridal shop which goes really well with my dress and I'm quite surprised! I thought it would look over the top with the sparkle in the dress and a tiara but it actually balances it out. I think I will go for a teardrop style diamante earring too but maybe a bit smaller than I had planned to wear before. I think I will wear my hair in a side bun with some curls as you defintiely need hair up with this dress or hair to the side.

    What tiara in debenhams did you go for? Is it on their website? Also, what size wedding dress did you get? I'm sure it will fit if you've lost all that weight x

  • Hi Blondebride

    You must be so excited!!!!

    I ordered mine in October and at least have one pic of me in it - but the dress was a 14 and I was a generous 16 at the time so its not an ideal pic!! But it keeps me going! I am just so afraid it won't arrive in time! only 92 days til departure! They wanted to order me a size 20 - so I got it down to an 18 ... its the waist measurement that seems to be very small - I am a bit straight up and down!

    I suspected underwar might be a no go - but wondered if I might manage to stick in a couple of chicken fillets to help the cleavage?? But no lace on the thong? That's just wrong! LOL!

    Here is my tiara

    Since I live in France I have had to do the best I can in flying visits to UK so this was nice and easy - altho it needs a bit of reshaping - very uncomfortable!! But I love it.

    I am hoping to wear my dress all night - and then again for our party in Scotland in July!

    I had orginally decided to leave my hair down but definitely will have to do the up do ... nothing too structured I think - just messy and curly.

    Oh I can't wait to try it on again now!!!


  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Hi Nightbird,

    Yes the shop tried to get me to get a size 16 at first but glad I chose the size smaller. Where are you getting married about? I'm sure it will be in on time if the shop have said it will be but you still need time for alterations etc so I'd maybe call and chase them along.

    I don't think you'll even need chicken fillets with it the corsetry in the dress is fabulous and I was shocked at the cleavage it gave me! It was also very comfortable although slightly lower than I want so the lady is taking it up for me. Thong without lace will be terrible, I might be tempted to go commando!!

    Your tiara is lovely and will compliment the dress beautifully. I think you are right to go with pear shaped earrings as there are little pear shaped jewels in the beading. The shop are also putting a bustle on for me and it looks fab pinned up too. Also, if you are getting married in a hot climate its perfect as its really light. Although it's not traditional I still felt like a princess today!

    Messy curly will look stunning with the dress and I'm hoping my bridesmaid will put my hair up for me as a trial for my next fitting so I can get a better idea!

    I also had my flowers with me today and they looked gorgeous with the dress. They are artificial ones from and they have ivory roses, hot pink roses, pale pink gerberas, dusky pink orchids & hot pink tulips x
  • Hi

    Just wondered what you decided to do about your hair in the end??? I have bought this dress and having a similar dilemma! My biggest problem at the moment is that it is very tight on the bodice which is worrying me! Was it comfortable to wear on the day? The shop ordered me a dress size smaller than what I usually wear and I don't think I will get any smaller before the day! I need to have it altered on the bust as I lack in that department!!

    What shoes did you go for in the end also?
  • maflin47maflin47 Posts: 1
    Hi girls.

    I love both the Reese and Caprice dresses they are beautiful.Me and my man have decided to get married in Sorrrento in September after being together for 25 years! Woohoo! lol

    Should any of you ladies wish to sell your dress please do let meknow.

    I do hope your weddings go well for you all and wish you the best of luck and much happiness.
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