Ravello Wedding: Music Query & Hotel Caruso


We're getting married in Ravello in June 2010 and need to organise music.

We're on a tight budget so as much as we would love to have a string quartet, it is just too expensive for us.

For the church ceremony (Santa Maria a Gradillo) we're thinking of having a harp and violin. Has anyone had this for their own wedding? If so, would you recommend these instruments or would you recommend different instruments which sound better together?

We're also considering having the Neapolitan Folk Duo with the guitar and mandolin to walk our guests to the reception. Has anyone had this for their wedding? If so, did you think it was worth it as it is fairly expensive? I'm not sure if it will be tacky or not but I think it sounds fun and will provide more of an Italian atmosphere.

And finally, has anyone had their wedding reception at Hotel Caruso? If so, were you happy with the overall evening?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

From a confused and stressed bride


  • Hi

    Oh my god,,,

    I am getting married at the same Church and having my reception at the carsuso this July 17th!!

    It would be great to share tips, experiences etc.

    I love the staff at the Caruso and have only heard good things, Its expensive but I think worth it. Gary Lineker recently got married there...so if its good enough for him!!

    Have you got your invites out? how many are you going with??

    ohh im so excited to fine someone who I can chat to

    JO x
  • missokmissok Posts: 139
    Hi, I attended a wedding in Ravello and the folk Duo walked us all up to the reception and it was great fun. They were there for the photos too and I saw the professional pictures which looked fab. I think if you can afford it you should go for it.
  • Thanks Missok for the advice. I think we will go for the Duo walk.
  • Hi Jo

    I just joined this website and for some reason can't work out how to reply directly to you so I hope you get this message!

    It's great to be able to talk to someone going through the same thing and being able to share ideas.

    Yes, Caruso have been very helpful although as they're closed at the moment for winter communication has been a bit hard. Have you been to Ravello before? We went in November to check things out and fell in love with Caruso (especially the pool - OMG!).

    We're in the process of getting the invites out. I've actually made the invites myself to save money. I'm very lucky though as my work helped me out and gave me some white card to use and offered to print them. I found a beautiful photo of Ravello showing the coast etc. and used that as the front of the card. On the inside I wrote the information and then added another picture of Ravello. I got the photos by googling "Ravello Images".

    We'll have about 40 - 50 guests.

    I initially didn't have a wedding planner and was able to organise most things myself (I'm lucky as I have an Italian background and can speak the language) but I'm now using Anna Sorrentino who is helping out with the legal documentation. Anna has been great and although we've hired her solely for the legal side of things, she has been able to offer lots of other advice.

    Re photographer, we've booked Massimo Amendola from AE5 Studio. I've heard good things about him.

    Re flowers, I'm using Eva from La Violetta in Amalfi. She was a bit difficult to get through but I've now managed to make contact.

    Re hair, I've booked Gerardo Serritello.

    Re makeup, I've booked a lady called Gisella who Gerardo recommended to me.

    Re group accommodation, I've managed to booked a load of rooms in the town centre for my guests but still need to confirm who will be staying where and for how many nights.

    We fell in love with Mamma Agata but unfortunately we have too many guests to have our wedding there. So instead, we're having a private dinner on Friday 18 June with just our closest friends as I really want to experience the famous Mamma Agata's food as I've heard so many good things about it.

    What are you doing about music?

    For the church, I think we'll end up with the harp and violinist and I think we will get the Neapolitan Duo as lots of people have said how fun they are.

    Re music at Caruso, we're just going to use our iPod as bands/DJs are just too expensive.

    How are your plans going?

  • Hi There

    Sorry only just noticed that you replied!

    Yes been to the Caruso a few times...I love it!! I am having my reception around the pool.

    Music wise it is costing us quite a bit..Harp and sorparno for the church, Neopolitan duo for the walk to the hotel

    Then at the hotel a harp..or similar aagin for Cocktails, and a Jazz band for the meal and evenings dancing around the pool.

    I am in the throws of sending out our invites now, they have taken sooo long to make as we have done pocket folds. We have sent to 100 but would be happy with 40 guest as I know its a big ask.

    We are looking at a beach front resturant venue in Amalf for the night before.. we are having a pizza and wine welcome party

    I havent been to Mamma Agata but have heard great things I must go!

    Where in the town have you booked for your guest? im finding it hard to get central and decently priced accomodation.

    Have you started all your legal paperwork? I am meeting our Preist tonight and have to go to the town hall next week!!

    So much to do....

  • Hi

    Wow your wedding sounds like it's going to be beautiful with all the different music.

    Having your reception by the pool will also be magical as the view is stunning as you have both sides to look at (ie. the view of Scala).

    We're just having our apertifs by the pool. Then dinner in the garden, followed by dancing in the Wagner Room after dinner.

    Re accommodation for my guests, I've got bookings at the following hotels:


    Hotel Toro



    Caffe Calce

    Il Ducato

    Palazzo della Marra


    Giardino dei Limoni

    Valle del Dragone

    Prices for the hotels are averaging from ???????95 - ???????125 per night per couple.

    I would book as soon as possible if you can as lots of people have their wedding in Ravello and things book out quickly.

    We're staying at Hotel Bonadies as we cannot afford to stay at Hotel Caruso.

    If you go Ravello's Tourist Information Site (www.ravellotime.it) and click on Dowloads, you will get a whole list of accommodation in Ravello.

    I haven't started my legal paperwork. We are from Australia so I need to get a certificate of approval first. We're lodging these papers next week. Until we get this approval I can't do anything else.

    I have had a meeting with our priest back in November. We need to sign a Statutory Declaration to say we are free to marry and we need to do a marriage course. I'm having trouble getting through to the priest though.

    Do you have a weddign planner?

    Re the Neapolitan Duo walking you to the reception, where are they meeting you and how long do you have them booked for? Who did you book them through?

  • Hi There

    Sorry for the late reply, for some reason its not notifing me of your response.

    I now have 30 people booked on the wedding image .. and we are looking likely at 20 others.

    We have booked all of our music with Bruno at Amalfi music. We meet with him last summer in Ravello. He is great, young, speaks great English and is the Director of the company but also lead singer of the Jazz band. I believe that we have the band for an Hour as we will be pausing in the town centre for a drink then pictures.

    We have just recieved our paperwork from our Priest, and I have an appointment at our town hall for the cert of non impediment.. So ts underway..but I dont think that I understand it all!

    Our Wedding planner is Ravello Events. They are great with all the Legal paperwork and with the basics such as cars etc. I really wanted Laura Frappa but she was soooo expensive..and to be honest i didnt want a planner to take over as im a weding planner here in the UK so helping me with those basic things is more then enough.

    However..having said that my florist ( is like the camp man from Father of the bride) is becoming more and more like a planner. He truely is amazing..more like a stylist and does any Celeb weddings that are done in Ravello. He is costing an arm and a leg but he does wonderful things like candeliers in the trees, so Im hoping will be worth it.

    My guest are predomiantly booking accomidation in Amalfi, as they want it a bit livelier. Although I think we will stay in Ravello to be close to things.

    Are you having a welcome party/ Meal.. we are just looking at Venues now.. looking for a beach side resturant in Amalfi for Pizza and Wine, nothing too fancy as dont want to take away from the day.

    Anyway..my E mail address is [email protected] May be better for us to talk through there as as I said Im not getting notifactaions of your responces.

    In tghe mean time happy planning (and saving..!)

    Jo x
  • Hi,

    Does Anna Sorrentino have an actual website?


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