Thinking Cyprus 2012 need help!

Hello there, i have been looking at weddings for a while and have decided to get married in cyprus after reading some reviews on here i do not want to book the actual wedding through a tour operator. I was just wanting to know who are the best wedding planners in cyprus? i just want something small and simple. They will be about 12 people in total. Also i only plan to stay for one week due to my budget. I am scared of booking something early and the company going bust or running off with my money (you never know these days). My questions are:-

How far in advance have you people booked your weddings?

Is the cheapest option the town hall?

Do i book with the planner first then with the tour operator after?

I am very nervous about booking and paying money when i cannot actually meet people and see whats going on. Any help or tips would be great

many thanks



  • sbrowniesbrownie Posts: 117
    Hey Gemma

    We are getting married at Nissi Beach and we are doing everything direct, alot of the hotels have their own wedding coordinators so after getting advice on here I didn't see the point of a planner. It is really easy to arrange everything yourself and loads of peope to help. My videographer has some really good planning information, legal info and resort info on her site there are videos of weddings too in Ayia Napa and Paphos if you are looking for ideas.

    Good luck

    Sarah X
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    Hiya Gemma and welcome,

    Where r u looking to get married, what side of the island?

    We are getting married in Paphos this June and we booked it last April.

    I have arranged for a wedding planner (independant one who isnt contracted with certain hotels suppliers etc) and they are check them out.

    There are many brill reports on here about them and that is why I booked them plus my future in-laws went and met with them in Paphos back in September so am very confident.

    I booked them more for the legal side of things for when we get there.

    Remember flights come out 11months to a year beforehand too. If u r only planning a week u will need to make sure that whatever ceremony u decide to have (church or civil) will be happy for u to be there perhaps only 2 days before ure wedding. Normally u have to be there 3 working days before but I know that some have made exceptions however check this out hun especially if u arrive on a weekend.

    I would say to email the ceremony venue u wish to have and find out when they are booking for the time u want in 2012 and go from there. U wouldnt want to mae plans to book ure holiday part then find out u couldnt get married within that week!

    Any q's please ask x

  • Hi, i have contacted Ruth at prestige weddings. i was thinking paphos town hall as it looks pretty simple and maybe have a reception afterwards at a resturant

    many thanks gemsx
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    hiya hun, glad u have contacted Ruth. Tell her Camilla sent you her way whose getting married in June!

    Let us know what you decide xxx
  • pana001pana001 Posts: 6

    I am also getting married in cyprus in paphos i found this website It gives you all the information on wedding photographers in cyprus ! we found our photographer on here !! hope it helps u !! image
  • Hi Gemma

    I also am getting married in Cyprus, but not until May 2013, although have been engaged for 2 years now. Which part of Cyprus have you been looking at? We have used an independent planner also, Kerry at Aisle of Love, her prices are good and she is good at getting back to you and gives you loads of advice. I booked mine in March 2010 but only provisionally but it has now been confirmed. I probably going to book most of my package with her however, i have only so far booked the venue, which is at St Elias Gardens,Protaras, this is an outdoor venue at the municipality and is not expensive. Just email around loads, and definately don't book with an operator, you just hear to many horror stories!!

    Good Luck

    Tanya xxxxx

    Hope that helps xx
  • pana001pana001 Posts: 6
    Hi Tanya

    I saw your posts and i thought this website might help you if you haven't found your wedding photographer yet. Its a great website me and my fiancee found our photographer from here image hope helps...
  • MrsS2be2012MrsS2be2012 Posts: 208
    I'm a 2012 bride using Aphrodite Weddings! They are fab and offer packages to suit all budgets and situations. We booked the wedding with them last year and have just booked the holiday as a group booking. There are lots of Cyprus 2012 brides around this forum so no doubt you will get all your questions answered image x
  • Betty280Betty280 Posts: 9
    Hi, gem_isthebest

    Cyprus wedding is a great choice - it's beautiful there!

    From my experience I can trully recommend Milla as a wedding photographer. She is really friendly and professional. Milla works in Cyprus and also in London. See her pictures here or on her website

    Good luck with your planningimage
  • Hello Gem,

    I am getting married in Cyprus May 2013 and had booked quite a few things already. I wanted a specific date and time so booked over a year in advance and even then the time I wanted was already taken. I would suggest booking the church/ceremony/registrar and reception venue as soon as you can. All the other details can wait although once I started I couldn't stop image

    I have planned the whole thing myself and honestly it isn't hard, if you only have a few people coming it will make everything easier. We are getting married in Protaras, its such a lovely place and prefer it to Paphos, it's a little more relaxed and if you want more Ayia Napa is just a short taxi ride. If you haven't decided on a place yet, have a look at Protaras, we are getting married at St Elias Gardens (outside) their alternative to the town hall.

    The Town Hall is the cheapest as you don't have to pay venue costs where you would with most hotels, they just charge for conducting the ceremony and your marriage licence. Also if you purchase wedding insurance which isn't expensive, it will cover you for almost everything. Companies going bust, unable to fly etc.

  • We're getting married in August in Cyprus and we booked via Linda at Total Paphos weddings, she's been absolutely brilliant, well worth the money imo image
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