Any Las Vegas brides out there?


I'm getting married in Vegas in June 2011, looking to share ideas with other LV brides.


Emma x


  • :\):\)

    I'm getting married in Vegas in June 2011, looking to share ideas with other LV brides.


    Emma x
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    Meeeee!Getting married August 12th this year!xx
  • carlytrevattcarlytrevatt Posts: 2,040
    Me to June this year!

    So where are you all getting married in LV?

    Have you both been before?

  • I'm a LV bride August 16th THIS YEAR!!!
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    No we havent been before- sooooo excited as its also our honeymoon. We're staying at the Bellagio but getting married under the Welcome sign- just the two of us. A proper quickie wedding! image x
  • Were getting married there at the Heritage gardens in LV June 2011, I have been twice before and its a totally amazing place, not been to where were getting married but has weeping willow trees and married next to a lake!!!

    How many people have you all got going out with you if any?

  • Hi we are also getting married in Vegas on 4th MArch 2010! 42 days time to be exact!!!

    Staying at the Bellagio and marrying at the Little Chapel of the Flowers! I cant wait!!

    Any ideas how you are all getting your dresses out there? I was planning on taking it in a suit bag and hoping that it would either go in first class closet if now then laying it flat on top of all the hand luggage bags! Other than that my other options are to pack it neatly into a small hand luggage suitcase and place it over head storage or to put it on below which i dont want to do as we are not a direct flight and do not want it to get lost in transition between the two connecting flights!

  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645

    me getting married in vegas on 6th Oct this year at the bellagio image

    Cant wait!

    I am getting my dress pack in a hand luggage holdall/box by the bridal shop and will have as hand luggage. I keep reading that airlines dont have to put it in their hanging space, especially if there is buggys/wheelchairs on the flight to.

    Have just booked our after wedding meal at Mon Ami Gabi.

  • I'm getting married in Las Vegas on 2nd September this year! We were going to have a small wedding with family and close friends but we now have 80 coming over! We are getting married in a golf resort/country club in Henderson (20 mins outside Vegas) but all staying on the strip so it's also a big holiday as well.

    V Much looking forward to it, and loving that the venue comes with a wedding planner to take the stress out of the details.

  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    Yes, I have a wedding planner. they have done flowers, photography, champagne, hair, make-up......the lot! Made our lives so much easier and one of the reasons we picked Vegas!!
  • we have a wedding co-ordinator and she is great, we have about 35 people coming over with us out of the 70 we invited so it should be good, we have not booked our reception yet, not sure where to do it, was thinknig of a large suite in one of the hotels, whats everyone else doing?
  • Hi vcb1981

    How did you book your meal at Mon Ami Gabi? Did you email them? I'm really struggling to get them to reply to me. Are you having your meal in the main restaurant or in the private area?x
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645

    We emailed them at the email address on the web and they rel=plied the next day.the address was [email protected] and we just told them we were getting married, etc and wanted to celebrate at their restaurant after. Was going to have a private room but decided to just book a table in the main restaurant area as that means we can order fo the normal menu. If you have a private room you have to select certain courses. Guess it depends how many guests you got? We booked for a max of 24 (but will prob be about 16) anfd they were moert han happy for us to sit in the dining room area.

    Hope that helps, and if you cant get hold of them on that address maybe just email the Paris Hotel?
  • if you girls are interested we have a vegas brides group on FB. join in , quite a few other brides on their.

    I am an oct 09 bride.
  • what is your FB group called??
  • LBJBLBJB Posts: 219
    Me! i'm a Vegas Bride!

    6th August 2011, at the Bellagio on the Terrace!

    Very excited!
  • KTandDaveKTandDave Posts: 187
    hello girls!

    Me and hubby are due to get married on 3rd sept this year but it clashes with my daughter starting primary school for the first time. we are going away with some friends to vegas in may and i am trying to convince h2b to do it out there.

    we had a look ast night at some venues on the internet in vegas,

    how did you all go about booking your venues, can u reccomend any intimate romantic venues out there or any packages where we can go for a celebration after?? also what dresses are you wearing? i have ordered a proper wedding dress and wondered if that would look out of sorts or if i should wear something more simple?

    sorry for the list of questions!! any help would be greatful, thanks xx
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645

    I am wearing a full wedding dress too! I have been told that you will see lots of other brides out there with wedding dresses on and wont look odd at all. It is Vegas after all!!
  • KTandDaveKTandDave Posts: 187
    Thanks VCB, i suppose you are right, vegas is the place for weddings so they prob see it all the time!!

    i am having a look a venues now, h2b isnt so keen but i just want a nice simple intimate day! x
  • I am wearing a full dress too, so many people cant be there and thats a comprimise we have made but not comprimsing on the dress, we have just booked the date yestarday so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry excited now, its going to be hot so my bridesmaids need to be on hand to help out with make up!!! June 8th 2011, still undecided about the reception, any help guys????
  • Hi all

    I'm getting married in Wynn Las Vegas on 25th October 2011. We're getting marrried on the primrose courtyard in the evening, looks so romantic. I can email some pics if anyone would like to see them.

    We are either going to have our meal after the wedding at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris or SW at the Wynn, depends which is cheapest!!!!xx
  • there are alot of people having a meal at mon abi gabi, i have never been to the resturant whats it like? what are you doing after the meal?? x x
  • I'm Getting married on 8thoct 2010 out in Vegas, anyone know any where good to get my hair and make up done for the big day.

    Also any where to have a good meal /party after the wedding .xx

  • i was just looking at Mon ami Gabi, has anyone had a meal there is it any good ???

    Where did you find your wedding planners Ladies ? xx

  • Has anyone had a meal at Mon ami Gabi, is it any good ?

    Emma xx
  • Hi

    I've eaten at Mon Ami Gabi twice and I loved it each time. The location is amazing and the food is outstanding, My fiance and I had a 3 course meal there and it come to about $110 which I think is really reasonable.

  • KTandDaveKTandDave Posts: 187
    Thanks for all the information!

    can i ask are any of you have guests with you or flying out?? if so do you know how much they have got flights and hotels for?? the cheapest i have found is for 7 days and it was £500, which is far cheaper than what me and h2b have paid for our week holiday out there!!

    also what packages have people gone for?? it seems so complicated doing it over the internet!!

  • Hi,

    That sounds fab,do you know any other places to have meals for about 40 people.xx:\)
  • I have got people coming out with us, My friend has paid 2200 for 7 nights for 3 people stopping at the MGM and there flight is direct from gatwick.

    Another friend has paid £485 for direct flights with BA, and there hotel is about £300 for 4 nights.xx
  • I've been to Vegas a couple of times now and you can get a deal for anything from £500 for a week, depending on where you want to stay. Have either of you been before?

    I've always found a good website for reviewing restaurants in las vegas. I've heard good things about Maggiano's but i haven't eaten there, apparantly you can hire a private room in there for a meal.

    I will have around 25 people flying out for my wedding. I'm not getting involved with my guests travel arrangements, I'm going to out our arrangements on our invitations and let them all book their own flights/hotels, etc. Don't need any extra pressure!!!xx
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