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Wedding Planners in Italy (Plzzzzzz help!)

Hi all,

My wedding is in late May 2010. I feel hopeless with no venue set yet. image After my thread below, I realized the best way is to work with a wedding planner.

Could you please recommend a really good wedding planner? (cost, contacts etc)

My email is [email protected]


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  • Hi Pinkcandy

    As per my email my wedding planner is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone,

    The website is

    They cover quite a vast area of Italy so I think the best thing for you to do is email a few planners with your ideas and budgets and see if there is some availability left for May.

    My planner is called Cinzia

  • Hi Pinkcandy,

    I can also really recommend my planners, Federica and Francesca, both absolute sweethearts that made my day incredible, website is and they mainly cover Venice, Tuscany, Italian Lakes and the Amalfi I think but they may well do all over...they have both become friends since and I could not have got through it without them!

    I think depending on what your plans are a planner is normally between EUR 1500 to 5000 (mine was about EUR2000). Where in Italy are you thinking of? Lake Como is magical - we married at Villa Balbianello (Star Wars and Casino Royale Bond film were filmed there if you google it you might recognise) then speedboats to Villa Cipressi for a fantastic many beautiful venues in Italy I am SURE you will find a fantastic place, perhaps even cancellations which could mean you could save money, you never know image

    Very best of luck with everything

    Leah x
  • hi pink candy

    i dont think you need a planner, i would just search venues you like and you will find most places provide a planner free of charge that helps you with everything we are getting married at villa antiche mura and we are organising everything direct with the venue owner, he is very helpful and professional good luck x
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I would say that in Italy, most places don't actually offer a planner free of charge at the venue - they're few and far between and you've obviously been one of the lucky ones linzijm80!

    We've also utilised our venue's contacts and sourced suppliers privately, however we've hired a wedding planner to sort out the document/legal and interpreter side of things to make sure everything's as it should be. The bureaucracy in Italy makes it very difficult to sort out the paperwork yourself, unless you're fluent in Italian x
  • HI, I am using Jeremy from blukeyweddings. There are a small company but very good and I would recommend him. I am booked for Lake Comom on 2nd September. Check out his website, www.blukeyweddings,com
  • Hi Pinkcandy,

    I am getting married in Lake Garda and am using ItalianLakesWeddings and am very happy with them. Have you narrowed down where you want to go yet?
  • Hi, im using 'Perfect weddings abroad.' My planners name is Andrea. Her number is 01889 575100.
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