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I'm so confused - can anyone help with Zante Wedding

I have been in contact with Frances from Tsilivi wedding's and the package I am intersted in is the all Inclusive Package D which I have listed below,

I have been reading other comments from ppl and they are talking about Venue hire cost's and package's going up to 4000 to 5000 euro. Does the below package not include my venue, Frances has adv wait till I pay my deposit then Ill get a password to look for venues. But I dont want to pay and be at risk of losing my deposit if it is going to be extra cost to the wedding? If you understand me. I want a beach wedding. Can anyone please help me with what other costs maybe added to this, We are looking at getting Married in July 2012, I know its ages away, but need to plan and save.


Package D: Basic All-Inclusive Reception Package x 20 persons

2.000 Euros or (estimated 1,500.00 pnds)

Bride's bouquet in any choice of colours (chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, depending on season)

Matching single buttonhole for groom

36 coloured photos

Wedding album and negatives on CD in digital form

Wedding cake (one tier-20 persons)

Decorated bridal car for transfer (arrival of bride/father)

Decorated horse & carriage (departure as husband/wife)

Decorated wedding location (tulle and ribbons down main staircase)

Music (recorded)

Champagne for 20 persons x 2 bottles

Confetti for the whole group (where permitted)

Buffet meal for 20 people

Transfer to and from town hall for scheduled appointments

English translator

Registrar, Ceremony and Town hall fees

Wedding coordinator's fee

Translations of 5 papers including final marriage license


  • It is very confusing when you first start looking at booking your Zante wedding - the webiste that you will get access to has sooooooo many different options that it's amazing!!

    From the website I have found a beach wedding package for you - venues all included etc:

    Our all-inclusive package created for 15 persons consists of:

    Price: 2,300 euros (or estimated at 1,770 pounds*)

    - Bride's bouquet in any choice of colours (chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, depending on season)

    - Matching single buttonhole for groom

    - 36 coloured photos

    - Album and negatives (on CD in digital form)

    - Decorated bridal car (for arrival of bride/father to location)

    - Transportation for 15 persons to wedding venue

    - Wedding cake (one tier)

    - Music (recorded)

    - Champagne for 15 persons x 2 bottles with strawberries

    - Mixed menu three course meal for 15 persons.

    Starter: two choices - Salad: one choice (one per 4 persons) - Main meal: two choices (menu no 1)


    - Bottled Zakynthian wine x 3 bottles

    - Decoration of reception consisting of: pearl balloons in a variety of colours, mesh streamers, matching coloured paper dinner napkins, basic mesh favours, small lantern candles, medium size table candles in decorative jars, ribbons in matching colours, metallic sprinkles

    - Table set up with white covered chairs/tablecloths outside balcony or garden area with sea view.

    - Administration fees

    - Transfer to and from the town hall for scheduled appointments

    - Registrar, Ceremony & Town hall fees

    - English translator

    - Translation of 5 papers including final marriage certificate

    - Wedding coordinators fee

    You can add or take out whatever you want and Frances will just give yo a quote to your tailor made package - it's a lot easier this way than sticking to a specific package and Frances is really helpful advising what she recommends etc.

    If you have any questions just email Frances, she usually gets back to you pretty quickly. I booked my date with her last March for May 2011 and have only just decided on packages etc as everything over there is so laid back Frances thinks am a bit crazy wanting to plan now!! Lol.

    If I can help in any other way just give me a shout! My email button is always enabled! image

  • kas-75kas-75 Posts: 448
    I agree thats confusing....surely Frances can tell you wether that includes your venue BEFORE you pay the deposit? I was out in Tsilivi last year and heard nothing but praise for Frances & Tsilivi Travel. I'm sure she'll understand you want to know exactly whats included before you lay down any monies, good luck! x
  • Hi i know how u feel i'm in same boat as you.

    But I have now decided to book with frances, orignally i was goin with someone else but no deposits paid etc.

    I spoke to Frances and she said the price she gives you includes everything except optional extras and will work to your budget. remomoving things or changing things to meet what you want to pay.

    So the venue would be included i think depending where it is, as my wedding is goin to be at Cameo I need to pay an extra 400 to hire venue.

    If you speak to her i'm sure she'll help

  • Thanks everyone for all your help I really appreciate it.

    You have really put my mind at rest.

    I think I will go to the wedding show and get the deposit's paid.

    Am I right in thinking that other packages are available when I get the password for the site.
  • Yeah thats that Frances explained to me as she doesnt want all the details over net for other companies to see etc but she explained that she would work to your budget and swop and change this as needed.

    She got back to me tonight with a date etc so need to ring to pay deposit.

    Princess Mummy how did you pay yours with credit card? or debit card? I dont have a credit card you see dont trust myself he he xx
  • Sorry to gatecrash your discussion! But.....

    Pay with a credit card. If the worst happens (they go bust / do a runner etc) you are protected and can get your money back. Unlikely I know, but you can never be too careful.

    If you pay with a debit card and that happened, basically you're stuffed.

    [Modified by: ~shell~ on January 28, 2010 10:13 PM]

  • yeah i will try to borrow one of family then pay them x
  • Hey Claire, I paid with Credit card for the exact reasons that shell pointed out - but now weve got wedding insurance we may end up paying some deposits on our debit card.

    If you do borrow a credit card just make a payment to the credit card from your debit card and then pay with it - then it's just like you've paid on your debit card but with extra protection image

  • yeah will do thanks for all your help, who is your travel insurance with?

    Is it expensive? sorry to be cheeky!

    claire x
  • I have just bought overseas wedding insurance that covers us for our home reception too which good. I was ment to do this before but but just kept forgetting thanks for reminding me!

    Feel more at ease now to know all payments are protected if anything goes wrong! I'm sure it wont but better to be prepared in case!

  • Glad you've got that sorted hun image it's good to have! Ours is with WeddingPlan image

  • Ours is with weddingplan too! Just went for silver cover which i think should cover most things

    which one did you opt for? x
  • Yeah we got silver too! image Great minds think alike! image

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