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Good Morning ladies!

HOws all your plannng going? x


  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Hi Wedding Fever, not too bad how about yours? When do you get married? x
  • Hiya,

    Were in October- - but it feels like its fast approaching and im panicking abit!

    YOu got much left to do?x
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    I know it soon seems to come round quick-

    I need to get-


    Cake topper

    Box or suitcase for my dress

    My jewellery


    More table decorations

    Need to get a box to courier things to Cyprus

    They'll be loads more I just can't think

    What about you? x
  • Well...

    I have got :

    the bridesmaids dresses

    oot bags

    reception for home


    thank you gifts


    I still need:

    my dress/shoes/accessories

    and finish paying for it all eek!


    Its a bit overwhelming! x
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    You've finished your oot bags, bet they are fab, you have any idea on the dress you want yet? x
  • no not really i did see a few but not really wanting to spend too much on it to be honest so not sure - how you getting on with your oot bags?x
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Didn't do them in the end just the favours. Going to make a leaflet with Vistaprint with info on for the guests. xx
  • yeah i done this - they 're great! I ordered my invites from vista print also!

    Any recommendations for wedding dresses lol?x
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    I've gone for a Mori Lee Voyage dress. x
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe the wedding is coming round so fast! HELP MOI! lol

    I still gotta sort out a fair bit actually.

    Have my dress - Maggie, Stella

    Have the bm dresses

    Have my shoes and flip flops lol

    Have h2b's shoes

    Suits all done

    Flowers all done

    Photographer done

    Videographer done

    Village bus booked for guests

    My car still debating, eeeek!

    Finalising entertainment and music this week fingers crossed

    Bought personalised fans

    Cake quote coming this week

    Still need to:

    Buy underwear ??????????

    Other favours

    jewellery and hair, although know the style I want

    cake topper


    guys cufflinks?


    Prob loads more lol x
  • lol whens ur wedding butterflyrobbin?x
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    its 7th june hun ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lol well ur more organised than me! x
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    ure not till oct though hun, i havent got long lol x
  • we get married in sept and we need to get everything and a huge loan!!!! xx
  • lol loulou it cant be that bad! - have you got much left to do/pay for?x
  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd join in - still got a fair bit to do, just firming up order of service with the Pastor, got to buy underwear (???!), send out invites, organise cake and finalise transport arrangements... going over to Paris in March and will take LOADS of stuff with me and leave them at my BM's. That way I'll only have a bit to take over in June! There's not much I haven't tackled but everything still seems half finished - all the fittings to do, pay off everything etc. Phew! All you ladies sound very organised though! x
  • hiya - and welcome!

    you sound pretty organised - i know what you mean about everything being half finished! x
  • Yeah, it's like I have to hold a million things in my head just to complete jobs sometimes - like there's never one simple step, each step takes about ten mini steps to get there. I'm enjoying it though! You? x
  • yeah - can be a bit overwhelming at times though! x
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    We all r lol x
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