Table Decorations and Favours Cyprus Brides

Is anyone taking decoration stuff with them if so what and is anyone going to post stuff out to avoid having to take it in there luggage? Has anyone found anything original it all seems the same to me and I want something a bit different?


  • Hi,

    We're going to send a package about a month before the wedding with all our favours in and anything else which will take up alot of weight in the case. Seems to make sense as our favours will take up alot of valuable room, and the shipping isn't too expensive to be honest! Cheaper than going over your luggage allowance I bet ha!

    We have got photo albums for everyone, heart shaped rose bath bombs for the ladies, and getting mini whiskeys for the men. We're also giving out little gift bags on the bus to the Church with a wooden fan, bottle of water and bottle of sun cream with our names and date of the wedding on.

    Think that is everything, I keep seeing things and buying them-no wonder we're over budget!

    Good luck! x
  • Shezza3Shezza3 Posts: 160
    Hi Girls,

    I love the idea of the bath bomb!!! Just looked and ebay and they have loads ......thanks for inspiration! Where did you get the mini's from?

    Is anyone else taking crytals for the tables? I'm unsure on how many we would need to take, we only have like 4 tables.

  • Hi girls,

    I'm having table crystals which I'm taking myself! Our favours are personalised small candles in an organza bag, and also have fans with green ribbon to match our theme! I did buy 40 lanterns but I thought it might be a bit hard getitng them on the plane ha ha! I'm having a green table runner with a few square glass vases of roses in them and then crystals scatterd around.

    Whats everyone elses table decs like?!

    C x
  • Hey, i'm having table crystals/gems too.

    Also have my personalised wedding fans and am ordering other bits for the guys and girls me thinks.

    My planner out there is sourcing some stuff so I may not need to send a parcel over x
  • Oh and i'm having standing lanterns around my reception venue with lots of organza swagging in my colours and on the top table too.

    Also having fish bowls on mirrors with candles but still unsure whether to have coloured water in the bowls with candles or have jelly/gems in the bowls with a couple of calla lillies then candles on the mirrors?!


  • That all sounds lovely!!! Where are you getting your lanterns from? Can you hire them over there?? I havent got a planner, but beginning to wish I would have had one from the start!! x x
  • where abouts is ure wedding hun?

    Mine i'm hiring from the planner and they are 25 euros for 3 tall standing lanterns x
  • Its at Vasilias, not sure whether you have heard of it! Hmmm I might have a search around and contact some planners then to see if they can maybe find some for me..

    Where is your wedding? x
  • Yes was going to book there, well was one of my options but were booked.

    I'm having ceremony at Ayia Kyriaki church then reception outside at the Kefalos at their new theatre x
  • I'll have to have a look online at your place! We went to vist Ayia Kyriaki when we went over there last summer and its absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm having a catholic service at Vasilias...just because it was easier in one place! Is Father John marrying you? Have you met him if so? We never got to meet him!

    When are you getting married? My wedding is on 3rd June so not long!! I'm starting to flap about everything now! x
  • I have no idea who ius marrying us hun lol. eeek! Hope whoever it is is nice, we are having an anglican ceremony.

    Mine is 7th june argh! x
  • i am thinking of having glass bowls with floating rose candels in them but not sure if they can sort out over in Cyprus!
  • yes they can as I am having fishbowls hun x
  • CypriotBride would you mind telling me where you got the personalised sun tan cream from?

  • Does anyone have any ideas for favours? My theme is Magic...
  • bubbles, playing cards, box of trivia for the guests? x
  • i'm pretty sure you can get these personalised too. Check Ebay x
  • Lauren96Lauren96 Posts: 1

    Hi there does any body know the name of the suppliers who provide wedding decor to the planners? I would like to go direct and buy the stuff out there? 

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