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Ravello Brides - Villa Cimbrone???

Hi all,

Been checking out a few threads on here and it seems there's quite a few of us planning to get married in Ravello/the Amalfi Coast.

Pippav, like you, I have fallen in L-O-V-E with Villa Cimbrone but read that you were thinking of using another venue due to costs etc. We too, were planning on a budget of 10,000 but only approx 20-30 guests. I hope you and your family come to some arrangements as it sounds like you really have your heart set on it. My head says that paying 3,000 euros just to hire the place is oh so wrong but my heart says it is THE most special day.

I'd be interested to hear form anyone else looking into Villa Cimbrone, I read on their website that they ask for a minimum of 40 guests but have had a quote from Laura Frappa at Exlusiveitalyweddings based on 1-10 guests, 11-19 and finally 20+ at 3000 euros.

Any advice gratefully received. We had planned on getting married here in England and so the whole weddings abroad seems to be a bit of a mine field....image



  • Hi, lovely to hear from another potential Ravello bride! I've been having lots of fun (!) but necessary talks with both sets of parents about our plans, and they have both been really supportive and really want us to get married at the Villa Cimbrone but so we don't all bankrupt ourselves! I'm going to fly out there again with my mum in two weeks time so she can see it for herself (and hopefully fall in love with it too!) and also look at some of our 'Plan B' venue options. As I've said on another thread, my h2b is just - if not more so - as keen on us marrying there as me, but I really don't want to start our married life in debt, so as you say it's really a battle of hearts over heads!

    H2b has also got a bit carried away and keeps sending the website link to our friends, so it will be very disappointing if it all falls through, but we will get over it!

    So I'll keep you posted on what we decide.

    Have you got any alternative venues in mind?


  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Good morning Pippav!

    Thanks for replying!! Been thinking of a few plan B's myself. Mainly using some artistic licence when I give h2b the quotes (hee hee) was his choice to get married abroad as having been to a million and one tacky weddings in this country he just wanted something different so he should just be grateful I don't wnat to spend 20k getting married Jordan and Peter Andre stylee!!!

    Having looked at Cimbrones website in great detail, I was also considering getting married in town and then heading up to their restaurant? I know it wouldn't be as 'select' but it might be a compromise?? What do you think? Have also looked at Villa Rufolo, Hotel Palumbo and Palazzo Sasso online although Im sure they will all work out just as expensive.

    With regards to your h2b sending the link to everyone, i wouldn't worry...everyone will just realise why it is that you chose Ravello as such a special place and if you end up choosing a plan B then it will give everyone somewhere to visit while they are there.

    Back to far beyond your budget does it look like you're going over? As i said, we planned on getting married here and even a relaivley simple affair was working out at 12, 000. You would think that 10-12k would go a long way in another country but i guess we are paying a premium for the GORGEOUS scenery!

    By the way, if you look on there is a link to download tariffs for all accommodation 4star, 3star, even self catering and villas and restaurants. (Unfortunately, the more I look at what else is available the more I think we should stick withthe WOW factor and just try and keep the numbers down)

    Keep smiling, 'it will all come right in the end' (as my grandma used to say)

  • It's SUCH a dilemma isn't it? I keep changing my mind so much about whether to give up the idea and compromise on the venue, but like you say, we wanted to do something different and we would love our guests to be as spellbound by the views as we are... or is that losing sight of what's important?? Our budget has gone from originally around £10k (my totally naive estimate!) for 60-75 guests, but i think it's going to cost us at least £18k, not including accommodation, honeymoon - ouch! We're not going to take the option of the Belvedere Terrace - 3,000 euros seems VERY steep. And we might reduce other costs by having the ceremony in a church in Ravello, though i must admit a lot of the attraction of the vc was the fact that you could get married in their beautiful gardens... i am really torn as you can tell!

    I'm hoping my trip there with my mum will make everything clear so we can book somewhere - so i'll keep myself occupied by going dress shopping in the meantime! Have you found your dress yet?

    Thanks so much for sending that link to those hotels - yes i completely agree, if we do get married in italy then i would love to make it as special as possible - there are some gorgeous hotels, like the Caruso and Palazzo Sasso, but i personally wouldn't like to have the receptions there as you'd have to share the experience with all their other guests and they just didn't have the same sense of being away from the rest of the world as the VC. Just my opinion though, i don't want to offend anyone image

  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Talking of being tucked away, how long did it take you to walk up to VC. I don't have any elderly relatives but you know what 'out-laws' can be like....they've done nothing but moan so far!

    Haven't been for a full on dress shopping day yet. I walked into a rather exclusive shop as soon as I had the ring on my finger and saw THE most beautiful Paloma Blanca dress. Don't know if you've seen it but it has a lace overlay and mocha coloured sash. Wanted something quite vintage looking to fit in with all the tradiional architecture of Italy etc. One problem, it was £1,600!!!!!!!! Have started squirelling away an extra few notes a month...I think hubby2b would have a small seizure if that showed up on our statement! How about you? Found THE ONE yet???!

    By the way, are you using a wedding planner? I've had a quote from exclusiveitalyweddings for about 3000E for planning/paperwork/some photos and flowers and not sure how that compares with everyone else.

    Sorry for all the questions but you sound really clued up (and very organised to have been out there already!!!) ;\)

  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Hi Pippa, long time no chat... I see you are making slow progress with deciding what to do! I'm finally back in the UK so let me know if you fancy that G&T after work one night :\)

    Bezeta... I am using Laura Frappa at Exclusive Italy and I did go to several other planners in Italy including within Ravello, they all seemed to fair around the same cost give or take depending on the package. I did get quotes from one other which didn't necessarily charge a package but gave you a "menu" of options and costs and by the time I added in all the things that Laura offered it actually worked out more expensive image !

    We are having our reception at Villa Maria as there is only 34 for us (inlcuding me & H2B) and the cost suited our budget.

    The Villa Cimbrone does look absolutely amazing and if we could have afforded it we would have chosed the same venue ourselves.

    We have as a treat booked ourselves into the Plazzo Sasso for the our wedding night (when I rang up and booked they asked if I needed the helipad ????? image I wish image !) and for myself the night before the wedding.

    When are you planning on getting married?


  • archegearchege Posts: 11
    Hi both

    Sorry to butt into your discussion but having read what you had said about Villa Cimbrone I decided to google it!

    Oh. My. God.

    How lovely? I have also mailed Exclusive Italy asking for dates for availability and prices. H2B has also had a look and its the first place we have both got butterflies about.

    So thanks!!!!

  • Hi bezeta bride, that Palomo Blanca dress is just beautiful, I've just had a peep on her website. My friend who's getting married in July has chosen one of her dresses and they are all gorgeous. Your post made me laugh about the out-laws... tell me about them!! The first thing mil2b said when we told them how much we loved the VC was 'Oh. Well i have decided you have to get married in the eyes of god.' Er, right, so nice to get such a positive reaction, the complete opposite of my parents... we have found out that we can book a golf buggy-type thing with the VC so that any guests with walking difficulties can get to and from the church in style (albeit with a bit of loss of dignity, but hey!).

    Jules, I would love to meet up for a G&T or 3! Next week is looking nastily hectic with work stuff - we've got our AGM on wed and have to do a presentation for that (urgh) then it's our CEO's leaving party on thursday, but the following week is looking clear. When will suit you?

    Gingerbride, i'm glad you love the look of the VC too and i have to tell you that it is even more magical and breathtaking in the 'flesh' - sorry!

  • P.S. Sorry i forgot to say that we've contacted Laura @ Exclusive Italy too and she has been brilliant, really quick to respond and helpful. She's quoted us a basic package of around 3,500 euros which includes the photographer, florist and some other options (sorry i am really tired and can't face hunting for her quote, i'll try and find it tomorrow).

  • archegearchege Posts: 11
    Thanks Pippa - Im all excited now x
  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Hey all,

    Finally managed to work out how to load up my avatar....its the aerial view of Ravello; hoping it will be a good omen!!

    Pippa, the golf buggy thing did make me chuckle. Lets just hope you can keep up with it....i have images of them having to give you a head start and you racing up the hill being chased by a golf buggy. I just hope it fits in with your colour scheme.....!!!!image

    Where do I start with the outlaws? If i told you they had never been abraod before it would give you a fair idea of how much they are stressing with the whole 'getting married abroad'! When we first told them, they seemed to think we were expecting them to come out for 2 weeks with us. One big happy family! I had to politely tell them that they would only be needed for a few days and then the panic about how they would get form the airport to a hotel started. My father in law 2b is actually a real sweetie (he doesn't say much!) but I do wonder how he will get on with the heat. They live 'up north' and are accustomed to turning their heating off on the 1st April each year! Needless to say, we only ever visit in the summer!!

    Jules and GInger, I think Laura's quote worked out about 2,300. Wouldn't pay that for a planner over here but as it includes photos and flowers i thought it was qute reasonable. Jules, i don't know how far down the line you are but have you any idea what the quality of photos is like and how long they stick around for? Would like ot make the most of the lovely scenery.

    We're planning for August next year by the way - we're paying for most of it ourselves (again another inlaw story) so need plenty of time to save

  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370

    Ooohhh reading these is getting me all EXCITED again image ! Pippa can definitely do the week after next (you sound manic for the rest of this week!) what about the Tuesday or Wednesday (15th or 16th?)

    Oh and I'm glad Laura has been able to help you along too.

    Bezeta... we have everything booked as our wedding is 4 months today - YIPPPEEEEEE - 123 days to go image

    We have had some conversations with Laura about the photo's and have discovered that they do a mix of posed and reportage shots I am not sure how long we get but I believe they are around for the ceremony and then afterwards. I believe they take around 100 shots in colour and black and white and that afterwards you have full rights to all the shots taken on CD as well as 50 photos 8x10. One advantage I do have is that my CB is also a photographer, whilst she is not there to take photo's I know she will be wondering around with here camera all day so I will have some others to choose from. All the photo's I have seen have been lovely with some really good scenic shots taken and in the gardens and grounds as well as shots in the "famous" locations in Ravello and views of the sea. I also feel quite safe in the knowledge that Exclusive Italy are big enough to ensure that they only employ good people to do these things as it would be there reputation on the line if things didn't go to plan as such.

    Shout if you want any more information etc....

    Happy planning image



  • archegearchege Posts: 11
    Hello ladies

    Just a quickie - is the £2300 just for the coordination and flowers etc and then you pay for drinks, food and ceremony on top?

    Just trying to get an idea of costs - Im so impatient and am still waiting for exclusive Italy to get back to me.

  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Hi Ginger,

    Laura should get back to you pretty quickly.... she is on line today (she pop's up in my Skype!) but she tends to be involved in weddings over the weekend and is more likely to get back to you at the beginning of the week!

    We have paid around 3500 Euros and this has included the following:

    Civil and legal ceremony performed in RAVELLO

    Reservation of the marriage hall

    Mayor or substitute to perform the ceremony in Italian language

    Official English-speaking interpreter as required by the Italian law

    English-speaking interpreter for sworn declaration to be made 2 days prior the wedding

    Professional consultancy for completing legal requirements

    Assistant to handle Nulla Osta procedures on your behalf and lodge documents to the registry office

    Marriage licenses

    Floral decoration for the town hall

    Music: Violinist

    Bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom (seasonal flowers to your colour preference)

    Professional photographer: 50 photos (8 inches x 10 inches) in colour and B/W, selected from minimum 100 shots by the same. Photos taken during and after the ceremony. Digital service.

    CD with all photographic session included

    Express courier service to send your pictures directly to your home

    Personal planner to assist you through the planning with constant e-mail correspondence

    Coordination fees, Taxes and service for all the above included

    We have also added a hairdresses which was 200 euro's including trial in the wedk beforehand in Amalfi and then they come to you at your hotel on the day of the wedding.

    You can add anything else you would like and Laura will source and cost for you, She has also done all the leg work with the reception venue and chef as we have tailored our own menu to suit our requirements and favourites!

    Shout if you want any more information!


  • archegearchege Posts: 11
    Wow ! Thanks Jules that's really helpful. Im getting really excited now and just want to set the date 9I made H2B practice our wedding dance round the kitchen earlier....!!).

    Do you happen to know if it is expensive to get married in the Tea Room of VC?

    What made you go with the town hall? Is it far from the VC?

    Thanks again for all your help xx
  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Thanks for the info Re: photographer. I was looking on Trip Advisor earlier and found a thread writen by Ravello/mo bride who said that she had used Laura Frappa and her photographer was Massimo at Thought Id check out his pics and they're GORGEOUS. Hope they do use him!!

    Ginger, the £2300 (or there abouts) was as Jules outlinesd; just the wedding planner fees. By the looks of it, its another £2000 for the hire of the place and then food on top of that. Expensive I know, depends on what you were budgeting for.

    By the way, I've read in a few places now that it IS possible to have a legal ceremony in the tea garden at Villa but it has to be done by a Valdese Priest (whatever that may be?).

    I have to say, I think we're all becoming such experts on Italian weddings and the lingo that we could almost become wedding planners ourselves...!!;\)
  • archegearchege Posts: 11

    I think that is more or less within our budget. We were looking at £15k in the uk but the venues we looked at just weren't right and I love the idea of a wedding planner taking the stress (at least some of it) away.

    This way we can have a smaller wedding (max 30-35) and a lovely break with friends and family).

    Do you have an email address or contact details for Laura? I tried the contact us section on their website but thought it might be better to contact her direct?

    A valdese priest?? Hmmmm. Think Ill have to google that one!

    You should start charging for your advice ! xx
  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Fab photo's, I will definitely be asking if that is the photographer that we get.... now I am even more excited if that is possible image !!!

    We went with the Town Hall as neither of us are particularly religious (I was brought up a Catholic but haven't been to church in so many years) so it seemed like the more relaxed option for us... The town hall I believe is pretty central in the town so reasonably near to everything.... we aren't getting married until 6pm so it will be cooler then for everyone especially me in a dress and H2B in his lovely suit!

    The address I have for Laura is [email protected] I've just been chatting to her on Skype and it sounds like she is having a mad day on the phone !!!

    We maybe should start getting "finder" fees for our recommendations!! image



  • Hi, just got back from a disastrous hair cut and highlights - they looked AWFUL (i wanted very subtle abd got badger stripes, sadly no exaggeration, so i made them tone them down, so now i have paid £70 to have my natural mousy colour back. GOD!)

    ANYway - I've been chatting on email to Laura today, but she says she's in Ravello this week organising a 'big destination wedding' - i'm going to meet one of her local co-ordinators in two weeks to look at the VC, Villa Eva and Hotel Caruso again then hopefully make a decision once and for all! Let me know if you want me to ask them anything about your plans.

    Jules, either of those dates is fine with me, i'll email you when i'm in work tomorrow. Oh and the town hall is very close to the Pal. Sasso, literally 1 minute walk, so that will be very handy - I'd say it's at least a 15 min walk to the Villa Maria considering your shoes and dress, but then again it is a beautiful walk and no doubt you will stop off to have photos taken along the way, so it could take an hour! Oooh the thought of that is soooo exciting!


  • archegearchege Posts: 11
    Reply - thanks very much for all your help. Sorry to hear about your hair. Maybe it will look ok when you have washed and 'messed' with it yoursefl?!
  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Oh No Pippa image there is nothing worse than a bad hair do from a hairdressers, I have a fab place near me but it is very expensive (you pay by the hour regardless of what it is you are having done) if you wanted a recommendation (I don't think it would take you too long to get too) and they have won loads of awards (national and international)... let me know if you want the details.

    On the drinks front excellent - I'll keep both free and we can discuss over email tomorrow!

    I've been chatting to Laura today too and funnily enough just sent over a long email to her with some updated details!

    If you get a chance can I ask you to ask about the photographer and see whether we can get hold of a name/samples of who may be doing them (useful for understanding what type of shots we want)?

    I have bought THE comfiest shoes ever as I was aware that I may have to walk a little way although useful that it is near the hotel for staggering back after all the champagne at the end of the day!

    I can't belive how excited I am, and that I am at 4 months - in actual fact taking into account time differences this time in 4 months I will be a married woman - AARRGHGGHHHHHHHHHH

    OK panicing - what have I forgotten to DO image and still have a stone to lose too image

    So it will be G and slimline T's (on a stomach full of lettuce!) imageimage

  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Four months to go eh? Just think, if you were in this country you'd be majorly stressing...visiting the venue, booking appointments with the florist, the hairdresser, the dj etc etc etc. Im so glad my other half talked me into getting married abroad. I am so excited already and I have over a year to wait. You must be beside yourself image

    Mind me asking where you got your shoes from? I've had my eyes open but all wedding shoes seem to go for the 'glamour ' aspect rather than praticality (ooh er, 28 and already acting like my mother in law!) I presume you're already sorted with a dress too..are you going for a full on gown or something a bit lighter?

    Pippa, fear not on the hair front. You will probably find that the highlights will start showing through subtly once the over all colour fades. I had a very similar experience when my firend and I decided to try out once of those L'oreal home highlight kits. She took longer than me to finish her side and by the time she'd finished, the bit I had done had been 'cooking' for well over 20 minutes. I ended up with a red hue and WHITE stripes. Much like Geri Halliwell in her prime!!!!image I dyed over the top and actually had loads of compliments as it toned down. And besides, theres no such thing as 'mousy'....only caramel and gold remember!

  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370

    I have gone for shoes that are halfway between glam and sensible (I have an unfortunate history of breaking ankles :\( and don't fancy being in plaster AGAIN especially on my wedding day!) - here you go here's a link to them.... it you look at the ones called Miranda then you can see them - they are SO comfy but still have a bit of sparkle!! image

    I have chosen my dress too (first fitting next month) and it is a "proper" dress but I have gone for a Augusta Jones A-Line skirt (but a very straight looking one with not too much "puff") and bodice which is ruched with tiny pearls and crystals stiched into the ruching... saw it again at the weekend when me and CB went looking for flowergirl outfits for her daughter.

    Have you started to look yet?

  • Ha ha! You are SO good about the lettuce and slimline tonic diet! I am completely unmotivated at the moment, but have lost a bit of weight through going off the pill... and stress!!

    Yes of course I'll find out about the photographer - the name Massimo does ring a bell, but it could be I've just read about him on another forum.

    Excellent news about finding some comfy shoes, i think that is a necessity given the cobbled streets and lots and lots of steps - but i promise they're not steep, so we shouldn't be purple in the face by the end of the walk! *she says optimistically*

    Yes I'll definitely look up your hairdresser if you could give me the details - i have been on a mission since i moved down south (of the river!) to find one that can make my very fine and mousy hair look the way i want it to, so b*gger the cost!!

    Woohoo, 4 months to go - i can only imagine how excited you must be feeling, i bet the time will fly by now

  • oscarukoscaruk Posts: 49
    Love the shoes, especially the diamante buckle.

    But oh dear...have just fallen in love with ALL the shoes on the Hassal link from Rainbpow Club. Especially the moonbeam ones, vintage velvet and lace, mmmmmm.

    Daren't start looking for dresses at the moment after falling in love with a v. expensive Paloma Blanca. Why was i born with such expensive taste? I knew my mum was right when she said i should wait for Prince William!!! Think i'll leave trying on dresses till the summer when Im feeling tanned and a little slimmer! ;\)

  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Ok - so may have mislead slightly when mentioned Lettuce and Slimline *slurps nice red wine* as it is something I have to start TOMORROW - honest!!!!! ;\) I am trying to do Weight Watchers online (I need to loose a stone to be at the weight I was when I was 30!) and gin and slimline is only 1 point image

    Shoes are fab although Nick (H2B) keeps finding me wondering around the house in them with my PJ's on (not a good look!) image I know what you mean about the Hassel shoes - they are great, I did try one pair on that I fell in love with but they were too high for me and I started to have "plaster" visions!!! image

    The place I get my hair cut (and *whispers" coloured, got to hide the grey somehow!) at The Chapel - here's the link, (they are also a day spa (amazing treatments!) ) definitely worth the trip and it's only down the road from me so we can always have a sneaky G&slimline somewhere too, oh and make sure you have an afternoon appointment, you get a glass of wine and nibbles whilst you are being looked after, the hot drinks come with a Kitkat and in the morning you get fresh juice!


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    OOHHH another thought - I came of the pill about 3 years ago and I've done nothing but put on weight - how did you manage that Pippa?
  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    OH GOD - you are stressed and you have loads of time - I NEED to find my stresst button purely for weight loss purposes.... (what do I do if the stress button switches on the "I can't live without chocolate, crisps and wine" button instead") AARRRGHGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    *slurping wine as typing*
  • I'm so delighted that you are considering getting married at Cimbrone. I know it well and it really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. On a clear day on the belvedere you can see up to sixteen miles along the coast. The history of it is quite amazing and the rose garden is very unusual as roses don't usually grow in that part of Italy. Many famous people stayed there in the first half of last century and it was the backdrop to some pretty racy affairs! Greta Garbo eloped there which was very scandalous at the time.

    If you can afford it you should try, you will never regret it.

    If you don't get married there, have you thought about spending your honeymoon there instead?
  • jules74ukjules74uk Posts: 370
    Hi Saab,

    Have you been to a wedding in Ravello / VC then?


  • No, I haven't been to a wedding at Cimbrone (although my future sister in law is a wedding planner and has arranged many there). I have family connections to it and I have stayed there, and it is very romantic. Although I wouldn't recommend putting bubble bath in the bath and then pressing the jacuzzi button as the bubbles tend to nearly reach the ceiling!

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