Greek Musicians In Santorini

Hi, Is anyone having the traditional Greek Musicians for thier ceremony? I really like the look of it but am struggling to find out any information! (I haven't got a planner!!!) Does anyone have any contact details or an idea of how much it costs, how long they play for etc etc? 5 and a half months to go now getting very stressed but very excited at the same time!!!


  • Hi there, I wanted to know as well so, I hope someone can reply to this topic.

    I read some where you can look at about £200 per hour, but I can't find the website again. I would say it could be done cheaper without going to a specialist wedding service.
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    Hi ladies.

    I'm getting married June 2011 and just confirmed dates and locations with our wedding planner.

    I have just emailed them asking prices for extras to their basic package and one of the questions was about the cost of the Greek musicians. I think you can hire them to play whilst yor guests arrive, when you arrive and as you walk towards Groomy and then briefly afterwards if guests are having a drink. Although I would imagine you could have them as long as you paid!

    When my planner has replied I will let you know.

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    Just had a reply and been told the musicians are 300 euro for the ceremony!

    By the way if you fancy greek dancers they will set you back 600 euro. Yikes! image
  • oooooohhhhhhh!!!!

    Very expensive for what it is really! I really wanted it but for that kind of money they can forget it!

    Is it me or does everthing in Santorini seem expensive?
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    Yep it is!

    Just found out that it's 150 euro for a floral stand! WTF?!!!! And we would need two of them.

    We will only see them for an hour and then we are off somewhere else for the reception.

    All that money for an hour - I think not!

    Decided that the caldera view and H2B and I will be enough for our guests to gawp at!! LOL!
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    when do you get married richards2010? Sounds like you will be out there at a similar time to me.
  • Mea79...where are you getting married? We are at Santo Winery and I have aasumed that things like that would be included!!! is on 20th August, whens yours?
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    Mea79...where are you getting married? We are at Santo Winery and I have aasumed that things like that would be included!!! is on 20th August, whens yours?

    We are getting married in Santo Winery too.

    As far as I know you have to pay for things like that.

    The basic package from my wedding planner does include a table with flowers on but everything else we have to pay for.

    We are having the red carpet which costs 70 euro.

    Then there is the hire fee which not sure on as our wedding is next June.

    Still undecided on the floral stands but may do what one of the Santorini brides suggested - tying some voile in our colour scheme along the bars that run above the wall around where the ceremony takes place, if that makes sense?!

    Do you have a planner? I would double check just to be sure.

    Marie. x
  • just a quick note and i dont know if itll help....was in thessaloniki(north greece) for a traditional greek wedding in greece.anyway the day before the wedding the groom realised that he had no traditional musicians greece they go to the brides house foe a bit of dancing before she leaves for the cermony and then they walk before her and her family towards the church.

    anyway so there was a panic and between him and my H2B(who was best man) they came up with a plan....they went to a local taverna and asked who plays the music and got them to call the musicians and they said no prob they would was 60 euro for 3 musicians to go to brides house and go with her to church so about 40 mins.

    dunno if this helps...but dont panic if you cant book anything foem home there is always a solution!!!!
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    ours isn't until September, will you let me know how yours goes? We fly out on 7th Sept so not long after you are home

    Claire x
  • Hi girls,

    i was married in July last year, we paid 250 euros for greek musicians. They played as i walked down the aisle, signed the documents and whilst the photographs were taken.We were actually quite shocked when they left we thought they would stay a bit longer.

    As for flowers girls, they wilt very easily in the heat. We opted for flowers for myself and bridsmaids but decorated the tables with candles provided by the venue.

    You really don't need the flowers!!!

    Lucie x
  • i am having a sparkly bouquet have a look at vintage
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