Anyone booking any entertainment for the reception?

Hi Peeps

Is anyone having any kind of entertainment a their reception? I'm getting married in Skiathos so maybe I could book some Greek Dancers? Although my Mum's (after 10+ Gins) will be enough entertainment for anyone, she'll be asleep in 1 hour. I'm thinking I need something to keep the tempo up for my little party of 30.

Lisa x


  • we're having a live band at ours an we're even thinking about having african dancers too (weddings in kenya).
  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288

    Were getting married in Ppahos and Im thinking maybe we'll get some greek dancers to get the party started.

    Like you say when its a small party you're paranoid about keeping people happy and entertained.

    Im going to discuss it with the restaurant manager when we get there.

    If there not too expensive I think we'll have them.


  • kategriffithkategriffith Posts: 513
    we are getting married in Paphos too. we enquired about having Greek Cypriot dancers - the cost we were quoted was CY£150 (CY£250 by the hotel) I think it will be quite nice. Zoe - Whereabouts in Paphos are you getting married? We are getting married in Coral Bay next September.
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    Hi Katielou

    Getting married in Kato Paphos at Ayia Kyraiki church then reception at Romantica restaurant on 23 Oct.

    Only 86 days to go.

    The time really has flown by. I can remember when it was like 217 days to go and now all of a sudden its less than 3 months away.

    Just been to get the statatory declarations done today. Make sure you shop round for these as we were quoted £50 +VAT to start with and after many phone calls ended up with a solicitor who charged up £5 each as I typed them up myself and they just witnessed and signed them.

    Have you joined paphos post forum? Its the best thing I did as I have now managed to book absolutly everything myself over the phone and internet after getting help and priceless advice from the Paphospost.

    Are yougetting married in a church or hotel grounds?

    Who have you booked with?


  • Hi

    I think we are going to have sega dancers on the beach which is the traditional Mauritian dance. The hotel has a disco so we'll probably just end up in there afterwards as only 16 of us. Only 32 days to go!!!x
  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    I'm defo gonna have dancers.
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