Ive got a harpist for my cyprus wedding!!

I am soo excited I just had to shout...ive always wanted a harpist playing at my wedding but was told that there were NO harpists in Cyprus when I first started to organise the wedding last year - My planner has just told me that there is now one on the island!! I am so excited, cant wait!


  • grrrrrrrr blinking site ate my reply.....

    fab news and how romantic,no wonder your so excited

  • Ahhh how lovely huni! I am having a violinist! x
  • BTW when is ure wedding? x
  • Where abouts in Cyprus are you getting married?! I'd love a harpist! x
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    Snap, im having a violinist too, (well thats the plan anyway)what are they playing for you? did Helen help you sort this out?x
  • Hi ladies, thanks for your replys.

    Butterfly robin...we get married on 10th June at the olympic lagoon!

    Curly Carley...She is from the ayia napa, larnaca, protaras area I think but im sure she said that she will travel across the island if you cover the transport costs. Her name is Alison York - she has a website...check it out!

    Cinderella78... my wedding planner Jenny at Aphrodite has sorted it for me..... a harpist is so romantic I cant wait!

  • oooh i lurve harpists! we are having one in florida! its gona be amazing! x
  • I just love your avatar floridabride 83...made me chuckle after a not so nice day!!
  • I just love your avatar floridabride 83...made me chuckle after a not so nice day!!
  • missmonica, excuse me for being thick, r u Ayia Napa side of the island then?

    cinderella, i asked my planner to find me one and so have done and now all booked. Just gotta sort the evening now x
  • Thats right butterfly robin, ayia napa side of the island - although not in ayia napa - did then in my teens!!

    Where and when do you get married?
  • That's cool - I've got a piper playing at our wedding. With the kilts etc I think the piper is rather appropriate! hehe
  • I am 7th June in Paphos ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
  • Miss Monica, I have emailed her and hopefully she will get back to me! I'm so glad I found your post! I had read there wasn't a harpist in Cyprus too so its really good news!

    Buttlerfly Robin, not long now arrghh!! I'm a few days before you! I cant wait to see pics from everyone on here!

  • where is ure wedding again and wat date CC? x
  • 3rd June at Vasilias! I know everybody says it but i cant believe how quickly it has come around! xx
  • Amanda L I would love a piper at me wedding! Im from Scotland but my aprtner is Welsh and I would love a but of Scottish tradition! Did your planner organise it? A harpist sounds very romantic! x
  • Me neither CC! Too quick for my liking atm!

    Gonna try and organise a yayw 0- abroad meet in Paphos coz alot of us r out there same time x
  • That's a brilliant idea!! x
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    Can I be cheeky and ask how much the harpist is costing? I've just had some quotes for live music at my wedding in malta, and am shocked at the cost, concidering a civil ceremony is only 30 mins long.
  • air78... the harpist costings vary depending on how long you want her for - to play at just the ceremony I think it was 150e, you could book her for ceremony and reception drinks, then you could book her to play at your reception ...Ive just had her to play at reception meal 280e.... hope that helps!
  • Hi Coco,

    Yes I organised through my wedding planner as I have to as part of my contract but you could contact him yourself - if you google cyprus piper you should find him. Goodluck!
  • AmandaL - which piper have u booked ??? I am " days after u but not booked him yet... wonederd if u had a diff one to me?x
  • Thanks Amanda! I love this website image x
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    Hi Freya0128

    I am getting married June 2016 at fig tree bay, Protaras,  Cyprus. 

    I have also wanted a harpist. Could you please pass on the email of one you used?

    I have a wedding planner from Aphrodite wedding services



  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Oh thank you for this, I've just emailed them for prices & availability.xx

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