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Hi there,

Has anyone used this company to book a wedding in Zante before?

I am currently fairly urgently trying to organise our wedding during a holiday we already have booked in Zante in September this year and was looking for any advice or help you may have.

Basically we are going away with our best friends and we each have two year old little boys who will be coming with us so the wedding party will basically be us, our best friends and two little boys - 6 people in total.

Many thanks.




  • kas-75kas-75 Posts: 448
    No advice on the company you mentioned but heard Tsilivi Travel are good for weddings in Zante, good luck! x
  • Hi April

    We are getting married in Zante in August 2010. Have booked through Ionian Weddings, they are based in the UK, and then we deal with Zante Weddings when we get over there. Would highly recommend Jane at Ionian, she has been an sbsolute gem so far, answered all kinds of stupid questions and really helped with our booking process.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi we have booked to get married in zante in may 2011, we have used zante weddings. So far have been really good and heard lots of good reports they have lots of packages to suit every budget.

    have a look at their website :

    hope this helps x x x

  • john39john39 Posts: 1

    Hello, there is also another wedding planner for weddings in zante with affordable prices and called zante celebrations

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