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Wedding music - live bands - Tuscany???

Hi All

I have been looking for wedding bands in Tuscany, but haven't found one that we both like....

any recommendations? We are hoping for a live band, playing a bit of blues brothers, soul, funk......any help is appreciated!




  • MissTuscanyMissTuscany Posts: 352
    Just wanted to refresh this in the hope someone has a suggestion!

  • PurpleMuffinukPurpleMuffinuk Posts: 1,385
    We are going for Guty & Simone, have a CD and we both liked them image
  • VEJAMES80VEJAMES80 Posts: 24
    Hi there, I got married in Tuscany last July and used AlterEgo - they were really really good, highly recommended: - last year they were approx ???2500 and they played the aperetifs and after dinner.
  • Hiya - i'm still trying to find a band. Thanks for the suggestions above, but they aren't quite what we're looking for.

    A live jazz/funk/soul band would be our ideal band.....something like Mr. Pitiful Soul Band (but they are really pricey).

    Any ideas? We're getting married just south of florence.

    thanks again x
  • I know it's an old thread but thought it would be helpful to mention The Prodigal Duo wedding band - we booked them for our wedding in Tuscany (Hotel Palazzo Vecchio) earlier in 2017. They were incredible and kept the dance floor full all evening!

    Good luck :)

  • Absolutely great! Fabulous! Amazing!
    They played in our wedding. Guty & Simone can understand perfectly the atmosphere and chose each song considering this feeling. I gave an idea of the kind of song me and my wife liked and they created a perfectly play list.
    Very very pleased of the work of these two gently, kindly and talented gentlemen.
    In my opinion the best musician from Tuscany and the best choice! No regreats.

  • Hello there

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