Boudoir Session with Christina Savvouri Photography

I'm thinking of having a seperate Boudoir Session as a gift for H2B. Christina my photographer does an album with all the pictures form the session and I know my fiancee will be well pleased. image I just wondered whether anyone else has had this kind of thing done either here in the UK or is looking to do it at a later stage. I am a bit shy to be honest so any tips how to overcome the nerves will be much appreciated!


  • when would you be having them taken? on a pre- wedding trip or when u arrive for the wedding?
  • There are lots of posting in the 'For the Groom' board about boudior photography.

    I am going to do an album for my H2B too, but VERY nervous!! I just keep looking at various pics espec before and after and keep trying to convince myself they can work magic! x
  • Hi,

    Have looked at them in the Uk but live on the Isle of Man so was going to be expensive. never thought about getting them done whilst we were away! Can you tell me how much she is charging?



  • I wanted to get them done while i was away and tanned and looking a bit better. image If you get them dne on the day of the wedding there is no extra charge as long as you have themwithin the hours you ve paid for coverage wise. Im thnking of havig a seperate session before hand though so that i can give my Hubby the pix as a gift on the wedding day. Its 250 for the session but thta incudes the pix in a digital abum and all pix will be edited etc.
  • hiya - I used Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell from, she's always getting recs on "For the Groom". Loved the before after photos - amazing!

    My Album was stunning and i'd def do it if you pluck up the courage - I had loads of fun and wasn't as scared as I though i'd be!
  • Thanks for the encouargement girls, i ve booked my session and I m going for the album. I reckon i ll appreciate it in years to come when i m a grandma! lol
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