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is anyone getting married in Mauritius early next year?

Our wedding is March next year ans we will be staying at the Dinarobin. Not 100% sure if it will be as easy and straighforward as we were hoping. We booked through Thomas Cook and were told that we would be given an e-mail address for the wedding....once we had paid the deposit, now being told that it was a mistake and they do not give the details of the wdding planner out. We have to go through Thomas Cook with any queries!

We have asked a few questions regarding flowers, music, photographer etc and they just keep saying that it will all be dealt with when we get over there!!! Getting a little concerned that it will all be alright on the day. Know it will be special whatever, but want to feel that we have some control over our preferences.

Does anyone have any advice? Anyone in the same situation?

Thanks, Lisa :0)


  • lyndseyhglyndseyhg Posts: 24
    Hi Lillis,

    I am also getting married in Mauritius in May 2008 at the Shandrani.

    I didnt use a travel agent, i used a company i found on-line called you all the hair, flowers etc are dealt with when i arrive and i have been fully assured that it is very professional and told not to worry... so i'm not!!!;\)

    Have you tried getting on trip advisor and seeing if anyone has married there... it is well worth the try as i found so much information from trip advisor!

    I have been able to e-mail the shandrani with any requests i have in regards to the evening of the wedding so if it makes you feel better you could do that!

    Hope this helps and dont worry, it will be perfect! ( get on the website i am sure there are pictures of a wedding at that hotel on the site!);\)

  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27

    thanks for the web addresses, will have a look and see what other info I can find. Knowing that this is not unusual for it all to be dealt with over there (and knowing that you are in same position and not worrying) makes me feel a bit more relaxed. I am sort of person who needs everything organised, just need to sit back and enjoy the journey. Thanks, Lisa
  • hello people

    I have been there and it was awesome. came back with lots of good memories and both of us were surprised by the personal touch and the costs.

    check it out, it might be helpful.

  • TheLittlestHoboTheLittlestHobo Posts: 2,302

    First post and newly-engaged image

    My parents are from Mauritius and many of my friends have been over to get married there. It's really a wonderful, laid back place to get married and every wedding I've been there has been magical. Normally the hotel has some sort of wedding package which can include traditional entertainment like sega dancing and a very tasty bbq style feast.

    Good Luck and have a lovely time.

    I have many photos of Mauritius is you want to to attach them to the gallery.
  • lyndseyhglyndseyhg Posts: 24

    Would love to see some of your photos!:\) we are getting married on the south east coast at the Shandrani.

    its so nice to hear positive comments about Mauritius, it makes me wish i was going sooner!

    Still not seen any photos of weddings in hotels over there yet! Someone must know someone who has some photos!:\?

    What dress have you chosen Lillis for your wedding in Mauritius?

    Lyns x;\)
  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27
    Hi Lyns,

    I tried on soooo many different dresses and opted for the very first dress that I had put on! The dress is from Augusta Jones and named 'Twyla'. It is very simple, strapless with satin underneath with a soft tulle over the top. I had a few changes made, to personalise it. It should be readu to collect September...know it is early, but could not wait! Have you chosen your dress? I could not decide whether or not to wear a veil and about you?

    Lisa x
  • Hi Lilllis,

    Dinarobin is great. I have done some work there before and knew the general Manager there. The guests get looked after very well and the spa is one of the best in Mauritius! All the hotels are the same in Mauritius they will always tell you that it will all be looked after on the day you arrive and most of the time they do. But I have heard of a few unhappy people (or should I say disapointed brides) as some people's expectation are more than others and some people are very picky on what they want.

    One thing for sureis that the food is great in Mauritius and March is definetely a great time to go. I have some photos of weddings in Mauritus but because I am a photographer, I can't really give you my details as it is self advertising and against this site's policy. But if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask as I know the place fairly well since I was born there and often travel to the island for work.

    All the best,

    Ian Regnard
  • lyndseyhglyndseyhg Posts: 24
    Hi lillis,

    Just saw the dress you have chosen, its so pretty!!!!

    i tried on so many and thought i would go for a thin dress but then thought sod it if i am going to be hot anyway i may as well just try them all on and i did the same as you and fell in love with the first dress i tried which is Martina from Maggie Sottero. i am not a frilly lacey girl and so the crystals on the dress were perfect for me!

    I did try a veil but felt it was too much for me (in the frilly sense) and found a tiara that matched the crystals on my dress so feel i have finished my outfit now and couldnt be happier with what i have chosen!

    What are you doing for your honeymoon??

  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27
    Hi Lyns,

    your dress is beautiful, really love the delicate long until it will be ready? Cannot wait to try mine on again!

    We are staying in Mauritius for one week with H2B's parents and my parents, then we are going to fly to St Annes in Seychelles for another week (alone!). We have under 250days to go. Where are you planning your honeymoon? Do you have family and friends travelling with you? We upset a few people by deciding to go abroad and do it, but now really glad that we made the decision. My friend is just getting married in a castle, having a huge, very stylish wedding. But, she has been so stressed for the past year trying to organise everything...know I would end up in a loony bin if I had so much to organise! I know it will be a fantastic day and perfect for hey and H2B, just not right for us.

    LittlestHobo, Congratulations! All so exciting. Would love to see some of your pics....any of the South West coast?

    Lisa x
  • carmen1283carmen1283 Posts: 16
    i have just got back from mauritius for my sister wedding and it was great. she booked it all through virgin and had no problems at all. it was soooo nice! i am also getting married abroad in florida and have booked with virgin and they are so helpfull with everything.

  • lyndseyhglyndseyhg Posts: 24
    Hi Liilis,

    We are also staying a week in Mauritius and then heading off (alone!!) to Botswana for a safari and then a couple of nights at the river club on the Zambezi river, cant wait! We have two children so to spend a week alone after the wedding will be bliss!!

    like you we have not pleased everyone with our choice of wedding destination. all our family is coming except my sister and her family. She has caused so much upset that now we just dont discuss the wedding as its easier that way. Its such a shame as they do have the money, they just dont want to spend that much on a destination they did not choose to go to, nice eh!! i wouldnt mind but she is making a big deal cause i was her bridesmaid and she says she should be mine......well come to Mauritius then!!!! (sorry long story and as you can tell it has left me a bit bitter:evilimage

    I have to try my dress on agin 6 months before the wedding to get any alterations done. I love wearing it, i feel so amazing when i put it on!

    Hi Carmen, congrats for your future wedding and have you got any pictures of your sisters wedding???/ would love to see them

    Lyns x;\)
  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27
    Hi Lyns,

    the safari sounds as though it will be great fun and what a lovely break for you children!

    That is sad to hear that you sister will not be going out there with you. She will regret not being there to share the day with you all. There is still time, perhaps she will see sense and change her mind. Good for you, for not allowing it to spoil things for you and H2B. Family can be difficult to please,

    I am planning to take my mum to see the dress that I chose, we fell out for quite a few months and have missed her not being part of all the plans. All good now though :0)

    Who did you book wedding through? Have you managed to find a photographer? Are you having music at the ceremony, I can't decide what would be best.

    Lisa x
  • lottie1982lottie1982 Posts: 224
    Hiya, i'm another mauritius bride! we're getting married 14th march 08 (251 days to go and counting!), staying the 1st week and getting married in Le Canonnier, then going on to our 'honeymoon' bit after everyone has gone down to the Dinarobin and i can't wait. it looks like heaven on earth! Booked through Weddings-Abroad, had to have beachcomber hotels for their 1 wedding a day rule, just didn't want to see other brides around on my special day.

    At the moment we have about 10 guests, parents and siblings, aunt and uncle. think it will stay around that number, then we're having a party when we're back, but not till May time. I cannot wait, i am SO excited!!! Good luck to the rest of you! xxx
  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27
    Hi mauritiusbride, yeah, you are getting married the day after us! we booked through beachcomber too, only six of us going over...all got complicated, so we restricted it to parents only.

    cannot wait chosen your dress?

  • lottie1982lottie1982 Posts: 224
    we might see you down at the dinarobin then!! yep i have my dress, i'll see if i can post a linky to it. have you? how long will you be spending out there? we're there 14 nights and as much as i'm going to enjoy having family there, i can't wait for them to go and for us to get down to the dinarobin to be by ourselves, heaven! this link should work for my dress.... stuff/alison.jpg

  • oxfordukoxforduk Posts: 27
    we are staying for a week at Dinarobin, parents are staying at nieighbouring hotel. we will arrive on 8th, then going to St Annes in the seychelles for another parents!!

    Not sure how to do a link but the dress is Twyla by Augusta jones. Had some alterations done, neckline is straight across and little buttons on the back.

    your dress is beautiful, bet you cant wait to wear it.

    what is h2b wearing, we found a light coloured linen suit. h2b wants to keep his outfit as surprise too, so not seen all the other bits.

    8 months to go!

  • lottie1982lottie1982 Posts: 224
    i wanted an augusta jones dress but it was too expensive, and when i put mine on (amanda wyatt) it just clicked and i felt like a princess! yours is beautiful!

    wow, seychelles will be amazing!!!

    h2b hasn't got his outfit yet but will be a light linen suit too. i told him he better get it soon as may not find them in the winter! can't believe its only 8 months will fly by!!!

    lottie x
  • MAZZAukMAZZAuk Posts: 37
    Hi girls, i'm another Mauritius bride, we are getting married on the 24th Oct 07 (106 days..yay!) at the Le Canonnier.We have 22 guests.I am sooooooooooooo excited now, got 2 hen dos to get through first though.Can any of the brides who have been married in Mauritius advise on make up etc. Is it worth getting it done over there and is it professional and not too"caked" on if you know what i mean?
  • lottie1982lottie1982 Posts: 224
    Mazzarooney you'll have to let me know what the le canonnier is really like! good luck. as for mae up, i'm doing my own and keeping it simple. can't answer as someone who has been there yet though! x
  • MAZZAukMAZZAuk Posts: 37
    Hi Mauritiusbride

    I will defo let you know about the Le Canonnier. Hopefully will be able to send some pics too. I an having a makeup trial at Bobbi Brown so may buy a few products, nothing major though as i will have a tan. I agree with keeping it simple and natural. 13 1/2 weeks to go!! It's going to fly by!
  • lottie1982lottie1982 Posts: 224
    Wow, you must be so excited!! I'm going to have a trial done at MAC before our wedding (in march). Hope it goes well at Bobbi Brown, have heard good things about them too. Lottie x
  • Hi all,

    Most make up artist working in the hotel are ok but they can copy well. So if you have a trial done, get some photos of it and bring it with you. They will copy what they can see. Some brides buy the make up from the trials and bring it with them with a little drawing of which make up goes where. Hope this help!


  • MAZZAukMAZZAuk Posts: 37
    Thanks for the tip Ian, will take some photos at Bobbi Brown. Also what impressed me was that i have to take a material sample of my dress to show them so they can see what colours will match. Let me know how you get on at MAC Lottie.

    Maz x
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