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Has anyone got married in Venice or planning to?!


My fiance and I got engaged in Venice nearly 2 years ago now (the arrival of our beautiful daughter put wedding plans on hold) and ever since we went there and TOTALLY fell in love with the city, we have known that we couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else! Although we know it will probably be quite expensive (but definitely worth a bit of saving for) we are pretty convinced that with the correct planners and vital information needed we will be able to pull it off, even if the provisional guest list is of 50+!!!

So basically I was just curious to know if there any brides to be or already married ladies out there who are planning to, or have had a wedding out in Venice who would be willing to share their experience of it all or any info. regarding how they found the planning to be and venues, flowers,catering etc. Likewise if anyone has attended a friend's wedding abroad or in Venice, how you felt about travelling and paying for flights etc!!!

Look forward to any responses, Thankyou xx


  • post6post6 Posts: 146
    Careful! venice is horribly expensive.

    My cousin wanted to get married tere as she is from there.

    But in the end they decided to marry here in Germany due to costs and due to the fact that organizing it was very difficult, timeconsuming and most of the guests said that it would be too expensive for them and did not want to come.
  • RAGDOLLukRAGDOLLuk Posts: 33
    Hi Venicebride,

    I have wrote something about Venice in one of these threads with couple of details of a wedding reception. I can't remember the place/price etc as I didn't go to the wedding (friend of a friend). It is quite expensive but don't let that put you off! Get some prices from wedding planners so you get an idea about your budget. The meals/drinks reception is pricier than in the UK but you will save in other areas so it can still work out cheaper.

    Me and my partner are marrying in Lake Garda (castle in the north) but are staying at the south of the Lake so we can visit Milan/Verona and re-visit Venice. There are loads of options for you. You could even contact smaller hotels and see if they will cater for you, and some even let you bring your own wine.

    As for people travelling, there shouldn't be any problems. We have invited 35+ and they are all coming. They are really excited and are planning there holiday around it. The people that want to be with you on your day will be there. You can get cheap flights to Venice and really reasonable hotels...they only have to come for a couple of days if they can't stretch to more than that.

    Venice is really beautiful and if you really want to marry there you will find a way! My mum's friend's daughter (phew) who married there said it was amazing.

    Good luck!
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