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mens outfits help needed please....


We are getting married in Cyprus in October and we are trying to find outfits for hubby, 2 best men, fob and usher.

I was thinking dark trousers with white shirts and ivory waistcoats, hubby a white cravat and others fushia to match my colour scheme.

Does anyone know where we can buy these at good prices, as we are having a party also when we get back so we might aswell buy them as we would have to do hire them twice.

Hope someone can help me x


  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    hi hun my men are wearing grey trousers ,ivory waistcoats white shirts and fushia cravats

    im getting my waistcoats and cravats froma shop on ebay called formal tailor maybe my shirts too

    i know some people may think this is cheap,but im getting their trousers from matalan.they are really nice light material ideal for a wedding abroad
  • sarahspetchsarahspetch Posts: 201
    Hey, I love a bargain!! that's great thank you so much I will have a look. Is your dress ivory or white? I am having white and I am worried that Ivory will look dirty next to it, so I think I might go silver or white. What do you think? x
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    umm not sure hun

    my dress is ivory but even though the mens waistcoats are ivory they have white shirts this looks fine

    i think either white or silver would look stunning too
  • sarahspetchsarahspetch Posts: 201
    Thanks for your help. x
  • MrsPhersonMrsPherson Posts: 223
    My H2B is wearing a white linen suit with white linen waistcoat, white cotton shirt and turquoise tie with white shoes! Sounds tacky but looks amazing and I know he'll pull it off in Corfu. Best man and my dad are wearing sand/beige coloured linen suits with white shirts & turquoise ties and tan shoes. My men will look a bit like this...

    Natalie x
  • MrsPhersonMrsPherson Posts: 223
    Oops posted this on wrong thread and can't delete it, sorry hun!

    Natalie imageops: x
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