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Am I the only Australian bride-to-be?

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone else is getting married in Australia, or even somewhere over this side of the world...New Zealand, Fiji, Bali etc? I haven't found anyone yet so suspect it might just be a bit too far for most!

Anyway, I am from the UK but live in Sydney and we're getting married out here in February 2011.

Let me know if you're out there, fellow Aussie brides (or newlyweds!) xxx


  • becks1979becks1979 Posts: 15
    Hey I am getting married in New Zealand in January and i am SO excited, my fiance is a Kiwi and moved to the Uk when he was 16 though most of his family are now back in NZ. Having our Honeymoon in OZ and cannot wait image
  • a lady is out in Bali now,who got married last week,iam not as far as you but iam getting married in the seychells and up to now iam the only one,who is getting married there

  • FreewomanukFreewomanuk Posts: 281
    Hi bean1, nice to hear from someone else getting married on the other side of the world!!

    Whereabouts in NZ are you getting married? Spent quite a lot of time travelling over there and its virtually all stunning! Sure your wedding will be beautiful.

    Where are you honeymooning in Aus? I have lived here for about 2 years now and there is so much to see, haven't got far beyond the east coast. Love to go to Hamilton Island or the Whitsundays for our honeymoon, or maybe south pacific, Fiji or Samoa.
  • becks1979becks1979 Posts: 15
    Hi Freewoman, yes i did think i was the only one venturing so far haha! We are getting married on Waiheke Island on a Vineyard overlooking tha ocean and Auckland Skyline and it looks stunning, we are spending a few days in NZ after the wedding probably travelling up to Bay Of Islands with friends who are coming out and then we are off to Sydney for a few nights before heading up to Hamilton Island for 4 nights. If you can recommend any must see places in Sydney that would be great even though I have passed through Sydney on 3 occassions I have never actually left the airport. Where in OZ are you getting married?
  • FreewomanukFreewomanuk Posts: 281
    Waiheke Island will be beautiful for a wedding, presumably you've been to visit? I'd love to go back to NZ, so gorgeous and peaceful. Might even have considered it for our wedding, but I think getting family and friends out to Aus is far enough!!!

    Bay of Islands beautiful too - will you get to the south island at all? Maybe thats for another trip. Milford Sound and the Fox/Franz Josef glaciers are amazing.

    Must do things in Sydney - Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay are the obvious ones. You can do a bridge climb with great views but its very expensive, about $300. An alternative is to have dinner at the Sydney Tower which has two revolving restaurants at the top. The Botanic Gardens are just further along the quay from the Opera House and are a nice place to hang out - we may even get married here, haven't set a date or venue as yet. The Opera House has a great bar called the Opera Bar (imaginative name!) which is right on the water and definitely worth a visit.

    Lovely beaches too - Bondi obviously (you can do a beautiful short cliff walk from Bondi to Tamarama and Bronte beaches too - there is a great exhibition along the walk called Sculptures by the Sea, in Nov I think so not quite the right time for you I would also recommend taking a ferry to Manly (or definitely taking a ferry somewhere as Sydney is best seen by water). The beach at Manly is nice and its also quite a cool, trendy area with good shops and restaurants etc.

    Thats probably enough to go on if you've only got a few days but I could suggest a few more things if you think you'll have time. Also happy to give you feedback on any hotels/bars/restauranst you are considering and can let you know which areas are nice, near the city etc.

    We ae being a bit rubbish at making wedding plans - we know Feb 2011 and will either be Sydney or the wine region of Hunter Valley just north of here. Hopefully we'll figure it out soon so we can give our guests enough warning! x

  • becks1979becks1979 Posts: 15
    Aaah thank you for all the suggestions i will definitely try and see as many of teh sites you have suggested as possible. No never been to Waiheke or the venue so putting our faith in the Gods as with most things planning a wedding from the other side of the world. We have seen lots of pics and my Sis in aw to be said the venue is amazing so i am confident we will love it.

    Good luck with all your wedding planning xx
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