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Melliah, Malta

Anyone stayed here, whats it like, is there enough to do for a few days??[/coloimager]


  • Hi Tink,

    Just got back tuesday night, its a lovely place, but it depends what your looking for... it has the best beach in Malta and has nice restaurants and a few bars. We have quite a lot of children and middle aged coming to our wedding so we thought it was best not to go somewhere full of nightclubs!

    Its not as touristy as some of the areas, more peaceful and relaxing I suppose. My other half and I are 23 and 24 and Im pretty sure we were the youngest people there. Buses are great though you can just jump on and get to any part of the island for under a quid!

    Hope that helps a little!

    Mrs Tigges to be in 4 weeks
  • He he just saw your other post... I am a Villa Arrigo bride to!!!!!!
  • no way!!! when are you getting married??? I cant wait to hear all about it. we are both 27 but will have a lot of children coming!! thats what we thought its alot quieter but is it too quiet? are there restraunts or a couple bars to have drinks in the evening??
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