Thomson wedding coordinator?


Anyone that has used Thomson, please give advice on the actual details of the you deal direct with the hotel's coordinator once its booked? I'm lost!


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    hiya!i didnt go with thompson but i did with thamas cook i got my thomas cook coordinators email address and sorted things with her.xximage
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Ah right, just the same then!

    How do you feel the arrangements are going?

    I've heard some horror stories about not finding info out etc....
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    I'm with Thomsons and they are being a bit useless at the moment. I booked my wedding and holiday on 27th Feb and they've farted about and we finally got our date and time confirmed after much nagging on 7th May!!! How can it take that long. PLUS, the only reason they gave us the confirmation was because we refused to pay the deposit they needed until they pulled their finger out. To be quite honest, I wish I'd done it all myself, I didn't realise how easy it was. I'm still yet to get to get told who my wedding planner is, and luckily I'm not needing a great deal from him/her as I'm just having our meal in the hotel we're all staying at (which I can sort out myself), and don't need hair or makeup appointments, and I'm organising my own photographer too. All they need to do is sort my flowers, car, cake and appointment with town hall to apply for my licence.
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Oh no, thats not good at all.

    I'm just a bit scared bcos a few of the people are only coming for 1 week out of our 2 weeks so what if the date they give me isn't within that time??
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    HI there im going with first choice, but im sorting out my wedding with the hotel because is alot cheaper and they always reply
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    This is my problem, direct with Riu its just over £1700, whereas with Thomson its only £1075 for the exact same package?!
  • Ive booked my Cyprus wedding for Sept with Thomsons.I was given the email for my wedding coordinator and she has been great.After hearing all the horror stories on here i was worried but i cannot complain at all.She has answered any questions i have had promptly. We had an initial problem confirming date and time but she sorted this out for us.The only thing i would say is how expensive the extras are through travel operators,you can book a lot of thes directly and save a lot of money,hairdressers,photographer etc..
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    I got married last month throuth Thomson and they were great. We got married in Sorrento, Italy.

    Vicky x
  • Elope2011Elope2011 Posts: 385
    Have you actually booked your wedding date and had paperwork through to fill in? I wouldn't advise your guests book until you've had confirmation. This is why we were pressing them as we had people who were going to come for 1 week out of our 2 weeks. You book your hol and wedding package at the same time, then the wedding department (off-site) will send you forms to fill in and you'll need to put down 2 dates and state am or pm in order of preference. They are supposed to get back to you with the confirmed date. If they're unable to give you a date within your holiday, they will change your booking free of charge to incorporate an available date. I doubt very much that will extend to guest bookings too.

    I'd also heard stories of them not letting you know dates and times until you get there which obviously wouldn't be any good for guests wanting to book for only some of the time you're there. I would just keep nagging them, it worked for us lol!
  • Stacey2010ukStacey2010uk Posts: 115
    We have booked our wedding with Thomsons!

    We are staying at the Riu Cancun, we fly out in 6 weeks.

    I can honestly say Thomsons have been fine! After we booked we got a pack with allthe info we needed regarding documents etc. They also provided the email address of the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel. I have been in touch with her numerous times throughout he planning and she has been fantastic!

    Hope this helps xx
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Stacey2010, did your guests book at the same time as you?

    As I mentioned in my post above A few guests might only be going for a week so I'm a bit scared the wedding date doesn't fall into this??!
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    Its the hotel that confirm the wedding date with you, so am sure if you gave a couple of dates they would be able to do, most people get their first choice, if not their second. Sure there would never be a case where there was nothing available in a whole week.

    Someone told me that when you book a long haul wedding with Thomsons most of the time the wedding coordinator is the hotel coordinator rather than in Cyprus etc. So whether you booked with Thomsons or direct with the hotel, eventually you would be dealing with the same person. x
  • pompeyukpompeyuk Posts: 176
    If you phone the Town Hall direct they should give the date and time of your wedding as the booking is made in your name.
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Thanks Jokaty82-makes sense doesn't it??

    I'll take it up with Thomsons this week image
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    we got married in the domincan and they wouldnt give us our adte until we got there,even though they gave us our first choice,mind you all our guests were coming within a day of us as that was what first choice planned,mind you i wouldnt recommend them,they were shite at planning our wedding,wish i had booked with the hotel tobe honest but didnt know you could!
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Oh no, thats not good at all.

    Did you have a good day though?
  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    oh yes, as soon as i met the hotel wedding co ordinator it was great.

    i just didnt feel the travel agents were any good, sort of took our money and ignored us!

    after the event i found out it is cheaper to book your wedding direct with the hotel...worth thinking about!
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    I got back from my wedding in cyprus yesterday, we booked with thomas cook and i personally could not fault them. we prebooked our wedding date with travel agents which they confirmed but they couldnt tell us times we waited and found out in resort, everything i booked eg hair photographer were all fine with this they must get it every day! our thomas cook wedding planner was called paula she was fab we found her so helpful, she was there whenever we needed her. i would recomend booking thomas cook x
  • Stacey2010ukStacey2010uk Posts: 115
    MrsMcColl...No we have 14 guests coming with us, none of us booked at the same time. We did give our guests the contact details of the travel agent we used and she linked all the bookings together so they knew it was a wedding party! It also meant that everyone was responsible for there own holiday, with own booking references!

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    MrsmColl I'm getting married at The Riu Cypria Bay on 29th July and I booked with thomsons. We asked specifically for the wedding to be in the middle of the first week as many guests can only afford to come out for one. They said they would endeavour to get me the Thurs, if not then the Fri. After about 6weeks they confirmed I had my date. I've had one or two questions and the Thomsons contact has replied to me. I'm not paying for any of Thomsons extras though (taking my friends who are beauticians/hair stylists with me and bought my silk flowers online etc) as Thomsons price list seems a rip off!! xx
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    Glad to hear some people's weddings turned out ok!!!

    There is around 30 of us going most for 2 weeks but a few have babies so only managing 1 week.

    I'm really nervous but going to ask the Thomson girl everything bcos I would hate to think some ppl might fly out for nothing!!!
  • Madmaz84Madmaz84 Posts: 184
    I'm all booked afterall the panic haha.

    We're booking the wedding for the 2nd week to stop any hassle, I can calm down now image
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    we booked for about 32 adults going to iberostar ledra beach next june. we wanted everyone to be in the same place so we booked everyong at the same time, we booked the wedding package too. month later it seems booking the holiday was the easy part. thomsons are totally messing us around. it seems they only have 14 in the department and they cant cope with the volume of calls. if you have a problem like we have where we booked to have our wedding in hotel, and changed our minds to st pauls.... no one has the authority to do so... only one person, and she is on holiday for 2 2wks. we've been so close to cancelling and doing it ourselves, but we would loose our deposit which is alot for 32 people. so we have no choice but to wait on thomsons. JEMRA i'd love to know where you get your silk flowers from. and costs. i am not too happy to leave things with thomsons. however, we havent had the price list of the extras through yet so i dont know what surprise we will get.
  • We got married in Dominica Republic on May 19th. Went with Thomson & they were fine. Everything was sorted fairly quickly & once we'd booked things we just had a wedding pack from Thomsons wedding department with the hotel wedding coordinators email address, so everything from then was sorted directly with her.

    Good luck

  • jemrajemra Posts: 355
    Bought flowers from

    they didn't take long to arrive and I've got mine and bridesmaid's bouquets and all the button holes for whole wedding party and it all came to just over a hundred quid. Plus I can display my bouquet forever.

    I've heard are good too.

    Thomsons prices were just crazy! x
  • avablizavabliz Posts: 24
    thanx jemra, had look at sarahsflowers website and it looks really good, i will be using them...
  • lerowanlerowan Posts: 10
    Hi Vicky,

    hopefully you can help, we have just booked our wedding with first choice for june 2011 in sorrento. Any Tips?

    Where did you have your reception? We are marryng in the cloisters and will have about 20 guests...

    HELP NEEDED haha

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    We have just had our thomson confirmation through for our wedding next year in cyprus

    we asked for 1st or 2nd june as first 2 choices and because of how our guests are arriving we could only do the 27th May otherwise. 

    sadly my fiancee grandad passed away on that day this year and now he doesn't want it.

    Confirmation just came through..... 27th May

    Worried now because we could probably squeeze and do 26th or the 3rd but guests would be leaving early next morning or arriving night before on those dates.

    Any idea what happens now? Can we change?

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