wedding at geroskipou, paphos- photographer reccommendation?

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im getting married in the sacred gardens, geroskipou, paphos, cyprus. iv booked the ceremoney- 12th june 2007- WAHOO!!

iv got a few ideas for the reception, my aunt lives out there so shes going to view them for me.

the one thing im struggling with is a photographer, im one of these people that cant pose for a photo, and if im made to i look like a muppet, so i need somebody that can blend in and take lots of natural relaxed beautiful pictures all through the day.

any help? any recommendations?

many thanks ladies! xx :\?


  • Hi shord2bgroves

    im getting married on the 15th june 2007, at peyia town hall, near paphos......

    i dont know any photographers for your area.....but have you tried the paphos post??????

    they might have some not sure though!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does your aunt know of any????

    what date do you fly out????

    im flying from manchester on the 10th.......

    how are your other plans coming along????

    Caroline xxx
  • hey caroline, i havent been on paphos post for a while, ill try now. im meeting with my aunt this week so we'll discuss it then, i just wish i could do something for myself, its really difficult organising a wedding so far away!

    im flying out on the 6th from exeter, i cant wait, i just know im going to be bragging to everybody along the way...

    "im getting married!"

    other plans are coming along well, the ceremoney is booked, iv got two different receptions in mind, need to see what my aunt thinks...

    im organising my bouquet here, im having silk lillys, that way i know they will last the journey and look good all day, not to mention knowing what they look like in the first place, id hate to get there and dislike my cypriot bouquet.

    how are your plans coming along, have you been engaged long?

    are many guests coming to your wedding?

    x mel x

  • Hello there

    check ' paphos photographers ' , Iam sure you ll find somebody good there

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