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Shoes!!! how hight of a heel are you wearing?

Hey ladies

Im getting married next year in Cyprus and wanted some help on what size of shoes you are planning on wearing. Im 5ft and my H2B is 6ft so there a bit of a height issue for me with the pictures. I want to get something that makes me as tall as possible but because we are going away i wanted to have a strap to help keep them on in the heat. Has anyone any advice on shoes they bought?



  • LollybrideLollybride Posts: 356
    dont know exactly but high!! i am 5'2 and he is 6 ft, i dont wanna take yellow pages with me lol x
  • bubblydebsbubblydebs Posts: 256
    I'm 5ft and he is 6ft 2. I'm just wearing 2 inches kitten heels, I'm not very good in heels anyway so didn't want anything too high and I plan to kick them off for the cereomony anyway as I've always imagined a barefoot wedding image
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    I can't wear stilettos or really high heels as I have a weak right ankle. The maximum I could get away with is 2 1/2 inch heels and they have to be fairly wide as I can't wear kitten heels.

  • I am looking at getting a 2-3 inch heels, i am 5ft 5 and my h2b is 5ft 8. when my friend got married abroad she is 5ft and her husband is just under 6ft, what they done in the photos she stood on a a rock so she was a bit taller, but there was flowers and grass in front of it so you couldnt tell, so that could be a idea(thats if there is a rock lol)
  • lislis85 thanks for the idea.. i think ill speak to the photographer and tell him my concerns and then send some guest off to find me rock to stand on image. Its such a pain being so small. Im fine in heels normally but im not too sure about on holiday in the heat.. nightmare. image
  • LollybrideLollybride Posts: 356
    faith have lovely bridal shoes with various heels i have gone for a stilleto ( spelling !) but my h2b loves me in them so its a treat for him, after all the formalities are over i am trying to buy a white maxi dress so hopefully i will go bare foot then or some sandals , x
  • Mine are about an inch and theyre from faith, theyre sparkly sandals.

    I thought that way I can wear them again and as Im gonna be on sand or grass most of the time there is no point in having proper heels. ive also got some white sparkly flip flops for afterwards.
  • NatAndyNatAndy Posts: 105
    Hi hun, Im 5ft 8 and H2B is 5ft 10 - these are the shoes im wearing xx

  • Daniellef82Daniellef82 Posts: 240
    I started recently worrying about the heat and my shoes slipping or falling 9they are high platforms). I then started thinking about getting Red shoes to match my bridesmaid so i got some with a strap so they feel more secure..

    Maybe a strap will help you too and you can still get height?


  • wayaudiwayaudi Posts: 86
    hiya!!im getting married in cyprus to!got my beautiful shoes from dune about 4 inchs high.xximage
  • MrsPatterson2be loving the shoes, i love the dimonte detail so sparkly. Most bride shoes are really boring, suppose you dont seen them but i still want to have nice ones image

    Oh my god Daniellef82 i love the idea of having colour shoe's on under your dress... I seen lovley ones i was going to get my bridesmaids that are purple but i might get them for myself HAHA.

    way to be!! how much did you pay for your shoes from Dune honey?



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