Weddings abroad- Are you providing a free bar in the evening???

Hi Guys

Just wondering if everyone is providing a free bar in the evening?? We are of course doing champagne and wine throughout the day and did plan on doing a free bar in the evening- But the quote for this has come through and is crazy expensive..

The only things Im worried about is as people have come all that way is it expected? will people be put out by it not being a free bar?

What is everyone doing??


  • LollybrideLollybride Posts: 356
    I am not,i am paying for there dinner lol! i wouldnt say its expected i dont think , but what i have done with the hotel is ask for a set price per head for the day and its up to my guests if they want to take the offer....maybe i am just cheeky, i am doing toast drinks but not putting wine done either, i never drink the wine when at weddings, and people have there own drinks,

    I wouldnt worry hun, just do the wine and toast drinks xx
  • benjamin26uk1benjamin26uk1 Posts: 227
    Hi there, we have asked everyone if they would mind paying £15 for all inclusive drinks. Everybody thinks this is a great idea. If you think about it When was the last time you went to a party and spent £15 on drinks and you were there all day and night image We plan on collecting this just before we go as all this needs to be paid for in resort.

    There is no way we could afford drinks and food for everyone...we would have to re-mortgage!!!!

    Worth a thought xxx
  • dizzyheightsdizzyheights Posts: 216
    Most of the guests that are coming with me and H2B will be staying in the same hotel, so the drinks will be already included in the AI (All Inclusive) and wedding meal package but for those that are in other hotels I believe we have the option of paying an AI day pass for them which they can use to get drinks/wedding meal up until midnight.

    We wouldn't have had a free bar if we were having the wedding at home and we are paying for some trips while we are out in Mauritius so we think that is a better use of our money than paying for drinks for one night.
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    The restaurant we are having our reception do a drinks package for about 30 euros which includes unlimited wine, beer, soft drinks and water. They also do a drinks package for children too.

  • LollybrideLollybride Posts: 356
    mrscantwaittobemrs...u vrissiana ? x
  • benjamin26uk1benjamin26uk1 Posts: 227
    Yes lovely its me lol xx
  • LollybrideLollybride Posts: 356
    thought it was spoke to ang fabulous...moving to the v, just posted on other forum xx
  • benjamin26uk1benjamin26uk1 Posts: 227
    oh fab glad you got it sorted xx
  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    hey, we are currently deciding on this...i think it would be a nice idea or even provide a free bar up to a certain time. we are providing wine etc but then not everyone drinks wine so will def b buying people whatever drink they want for the first part of wedding anyway. mite even just put say 500euros behind the bar and let people buy after that. dnt know how far 500 would go tho!!!lol xx
  • Interesting.. The quote from the hotel was 50 Euro for the first 2 hours per person then 30 Euro pp per hour for the remaining time!!!image so massively expensive!!!

    LouLou16 I might put some money behind the bar too but given the above and that its a 5 star hotel It wont go too far!!!!

    Nice to see that Im not the only one not providing free drinks till the very end of the night x
  • We're having a free bar, I don't think it will be expected though we just wanted to do it as everyone is making such an effort to come x
  • kayr68kayr68 Posts: 417
    We're having a free bar as we wanted to thank people for coming with us - however the prices are an awful lot cheaper than a lot of you are paying. When we originally booked, the owner of the hotel told us to expect an average of about £10 per head so even if that doubles, it's still a very good price.

    12 days to go image
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    We are doing a free bar all night- I dont think I could ask our guests to pay out even more than they are doing already.x
  • Hey ladies

    I had a quote from my hotel for an hour free bar which we have booked for, it cost 17.50euros a head, i thought this was pretty good but after reading on here i think i might email the hotel and find out a price for the whole night and see if its not much more expensive then ask the guest to chip in.. Although i am a little worried of people taken advantage of it too much and getting really really drunk... ARGH!!!
  • seastargirlseastargirl Posts: 20
    We're paying ???????21 a head for the bar which I don't think is to bad at all, although I think the ???????10.50 for kids is a little steep when they're just on fruit juice! But hey ho, it'll make for an easier day for everyone.

    We're also going to meet with a few of the bar owners to see if they'll give us a discount if we go in after the reception, they're going to get at least 30 people in so we think we deserve some kind of discount!

  • We are - sort of. As it in hawaii we're having our reception at a luau where you watch hawaiian dancing whilst you eat and drink. It costs about £70 a person, but that includes the show, a 5 course meal and as many drinks as you like for the whole evening.

    We did think about hiring caterers at the place we are getting married or going to a restaurant but it was working out more expensive. and if we had hired caterers it would have cost a fortune on alcohol because we would have to have bought it all in ourselves to make sure it didnt run out.

    I think if my guests have come all that way, there is no way I could bear to make them pay out for anymore. Its not like Im paying for it every night of their holiday!
  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    i have emailed the hotel wedding manager bout free bar, waiting in response. id imagine itll be quite expensive tho!!
  • We are providing a five hour free bar and anything after that people can pay for if they are still standing image x
  • bubblydebsbubblydebs Posts: 256
    Some of our guests are staying in our hotel so they will be all inclusive but for those that arn't we are paying for their food and we will put some wine on the table, once the wine has run out they will have to buy their own drinks which I think is fair.
  • MissTuscanyMissTuscany Posts: 352
    We are having welcome drinks before ceremony, cocktails and champagne after ceremony, then wines with dinner, and a 1 hour free bar after cutting the cake...if they want more after that they can buy it themselves! We think our plan is a pretty comprehensive alcohol package! image
  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335

    i got an email from wedding manager at grecian park hotel. he's told me 20euros per person would be more than enough, depending on what drinks we want and how heavy drinkers they are!! lol. i thought this was very reasonable..mayb a bit too cheap. so ive emailed him again, telling him what drinks we would like, red,white rose wines,beers and imported spirits. Mayb this was just for one hour and local drinks? may go double check but think my original email did say free bar for part of night or all of night. I can imagine that he will email me back with probably 50 euro p.p?? ill let you's know
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    In America an open bar drinks package is pretty standard with many restaurants. At ours we have a three course meal with a cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres before it for a set rate which includes all premium drinks excluding expensive cognacs or malt scotches. Wine and beer is just standard with the meal but if we want to continue with the open bar for that it only costs $12 per head, and we can also set up a tab at the bar in case anyone wants a scotch or cognac.
  • LJSxxLJSxx Posts: 116
    Hadn't thought of asking about and all inclusive option have just e-mailed them so fingers crossed. x
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