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Cyprus brides who are married ? Heat question

Hi we get married in nissi beach area in sept now this will be my 5th visit to the wonderful island and I know how hot it is. My question is how did you cope in your dresses ? I'm going for a full on dress which is claret in colour I get married at 11 am and to be honest I'm starting to worry how I'll cope all day xxx


  • Hi,im getting married in july at 2.30pm i know its going to be very hot but i think im going to be more nervous about everything going right then how hot i am.x
  • LeannejLeannej Posts: 115

    i got married a couple of weeks ago in cyprus on the hottest day out of the two weeks i was there, i got married at 2.45 and to be honest the only time i really noticed the heat was when i was on the beach having photos done. other times there was plenty of shade to go under

    I had a normal wedding dress,

    the rest of the time i was on such a high i completly forgot about the fact it was boiling so try not to worry to much.
  • mmwedding10mmwedding10 Posts: 35
    We got married in Cyprus last month and it was indeed very hot. However we had aircon in all the rooms and the reception. My maid of honour had wipes, deodarant and perfume and a fan in her bag which really came in handy as I had a proper meringue type dress which was baking. Still there s so much excitement and action going on during the day you just dont really think about it. Best of luck and let us know if you nedd any help . Maria
  • demelzabubdemelzabub Posts: 1,767
    Most of our day was spent in the shade but when I got too hot I just used a fan to cool down. We bought some in Cyprus and gave them out on the coach on the way to the wedding x
  • wizaid25wizaid25 Posts: 33
    Thank you so much for your replies, I know it maybe a small thing to worry about in hind sight, just got visions of the sweat dripping off me, hopefully there will be a nice breeze on the beach when we have our photos took. I think I was worrying to because I am wearing a coloured dress image and it I'll be even warmer than normal ! xxxx

    PS I am sooooo excited xxx

  • jujoukjujouk Posts: 147
    Don't worry we got married on 1st June 2006 at 12noon and we were ok there was a heatwave and it turned out to be 40 degrees!, apart from hubby forgetting to put sunscreen on but that's another subject!!

    I had a wedding dress made from angel satin and I coped ok, didnt feel uncomfortable and enjoyed every second.

    There will be a breeze in september so you will be ok, oh and we had a chocolate wedding cake and I had visions of it melting in the heat but it didn't.

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