Wedding hair and heat

How is everyone wearing there hair? We're getting married in July in Cyprus so will be really hot so I should wear it up really, but I don't really like it up.

What are everyone else's thoughts? Up or down?

If you have any pictures I'd be really grateful too x


  • jujoukjujouk Posts: 147
    I got married in Cyprus and had my hair pinned up like yourself I was worried about having my hair up but it really is too hot to have it down.

    We were married in Paralimni town hall and had a reception in protaras, the hairdresser that I used has a salon in protaras on the main strip opposite bells bar (it has a big elvis statue on the roof) if you walk down the side of the opticians its call Hair Craft and the owner Helen is fab! she has lots of experience with uk brides and totally knew what would suit me best.

    hope that's helped!
  • ShivyukShivyuk Posts: 687
    Hi hun

    I got married in Mauritius and it was about 30 degrees. I had extensions and sort of up but not quite. I found it fine image

    Here I am

  • greekloverukgreekloveruk Posts: 219
    OMG what a beautiful photo, shivy

    congrats on your big look so beautiful and your hair is amazing,flower great color also!

    any more pics?x
  • ShivyukShivyuk Posts: 687
    Awww thanks hun

    Take a look at Mauritius Brides thread - my review on there and a link to some pics image
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