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Trouble with planner at venue- Would you complain to manager? ( or would that so more harm?)


Im 7 weeks away till the wedding and lots of things ( mainly prices) have not been confirmed by the planner at the venue. She never replies to emails..and i mean never but then will call me for information she wants at 10pm and 11pm at night.

Prices keep going up from what I was orginally quoted ( by another manager who is no longer there), and I still dont have any prices in writing.

A few weeks ago We traveled to Italy to do the food tasting, and the night before I got a call in the hotel that got me out of bed at 11.30pm- It was her and she wanted to cancel the tasting!!!! and I had gone all that way! Needless to say after I got went mad we still had the tasting, but when we arrived at the hotel she tried to send us away untill that evening and when we said no keept us waiting an hour!

Today I have insisted on everything in writing- she replied( very unusal) saying can you call me at 10pm tonight!!

Im sorry I know things may be a little more relaxed abroad but there is relaxed and rude! Its ruining the lead up to the wedding as im so nervous about her.

Given that this is a 5 star hotel that is mega expensive and prides itself on customer service would you get in touch with the hotel manager and explain the issues with her - or do you think that this would cause more harm than good?

She really isnt doing us any favours so there are no worries about implications there, but I dont know if a complaint would make her step up her game or the opposite?

Any thoughts greatly apprciated as Im going out of my mind!




  • I think you need to complain, you don't want to messed around by the person who is supposed to be keeping it in control...good luck xx
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