Package holiday or book separate?

Hi ladies,

We're getting married in Cyprus next year and the ideal plan is to go away for 2 weeks, stay in the hotel that we're getting married in for the first week with friends & family and then stay in a different hotel for the second week for our honeymoon.

However after the recent volcanic ash problems i'm a bit worried about booking everything up separate in case something or similar like this happens again as I assume that we would get a refund on flights but not hotels.

Is everyone else booking everything up separate or doing a package deal?

Claire xXx


  • loulou16ukloulou16uk Posts: 335
    were getting married 14th sept and have booked everything with Olympic Holidays. They have been fantastic, we had our wedding date and time confirmed within two weeks of booking, whereas theres other companies people seem to wait months on! also yes with this whole volcano thing, im glad we have booked with a tour operator- tho as ther the only operator that belfast have and one day a week flight, we didnt have any other choice.

    ur just have more cover/guarantee if anything goes wrong, if u book with a tour operator. alot of girls on here have booked everything separate tho, may work out abit cheaper??

    They have also kept us up to date with emails, and letters about the wedding extras i.e photos, flowers and also all thelegal documents we need to get.

    So far i have no complaints!!! happy planning

  • CkclaCkcla Posts: 46
    Hi Loulou16,

    We're using a wedding planner in Cyprus so have already got a date confirmed so just need to book the holiday part.

    Have looked on the Olympic website and they do a Twin Centre Honeymoon Package where in the second week we can upgrade to a 4/5 star hotel and they will sort out transfers. This might be the answer however they don't do the hotel that we have fallen in love with for our honeymoon image

    I've seen online that one insurance company does a policy add-on that will cover air travellers for cancelled flights and closed airspace due to volcanic ash but not sure if this covers accommodation. Gonna get H2B to phone up some insurance companies for some advice as i'm getting stressed!!
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