Where are all the Vegas Brides??


LBJB here, Bellagio bride 2011!

Where have all the other Vegas brides gone? How are we all getting on with our planning?

I've finally decided on my flowers, limo time and music! and have emailed my coordinator.

I'm just in the middle of making my invitations (courtesy of FitnessFi!!!) and am getting far too excited, far too soon!! 428 days too soon to be exact!



  • Hi LBJB!

    Im a Bellagio 2011 bride as well!

    So have you been in contact with your co-ordinator then? I've had no contact from mine since she confirmed that she received our faxed documents? Am I supposed to be choosing things like flowers etc now or when we get there?

    Laura xx
  • Me i'm a Vegas bride!!!! 66 days to go image
  • 39 days to go!!!!! Just a cheesey Elvis wedding then Cuba next year for the ceremonyimageSo get to be greedy and marry my man twiceimage
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    Me a Bellagio bride too! We get married 11 weeks tomorrow (6th october!). Our planner is fab and I picked flowers, music, limo times, photography, etc right at the beginning. Am soo excited! Had 1st proper fitting yesterday and was perfect apart form the halterneck strap. We are marrying at 3pm, having a few photos, have a few glasses of champagne with guests, then dining at Mon Ami Gabi and then going to bars and clubs! wooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!

  • emma0610emma0610 Posts: 28
    i'm a vegas bride getting married on 8th oct in the little chapel of the west, we are also having our meal at Mon Ami Gabi, what bars and club are you going to VCB1981 are you having a wedding dress.

    The day you are getting married is my birthday,how many people are going out with you all.xxx image
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    I get married in Vegas 3 weeks today!!

    Its just the 2 of us and we are getting married in the Mandalay Bay Gardens followed by a strip tour for photos.

    We are in Vegas for 5 nights then NYC for 3. Three weeks later we are having our big blessing/reception. x
  • i got married in las vegas 2 months ago.... want to go back and do it all over again!

    here if you need any help/advice!
  • LBJBLBJB Posts: 219

    My co-ordinator sent us an email with everything she needed to know about our wedding. I'm not sure how far in advance she will order the things we have asked for, but our wedding is in a years time, so I cant imagine she will need it now. Still, it never hurt to be organised.

    I thought we had done pretty much all that needed to be done, only to write a list of everything that will be needed and find I have ticked 10 things off, on a list of 70 things! oops!!

    Oh well, at least I have my dress and I won't be walking down those beautiful Bellagio stairs in the buff!!
  • emma0610emma0610 Posts: 28
    keepingmy name where did you have your hair and make up done for your day???

    Did you have lots of people go out there with you ? xx
  • Hi Vegas Brides, I'm another one getting married in 38 days, having the Wedding at the MGM and arranged all flowers, Limos, music & so on.....getting really excited now but got one problem I'm flying with Thomas Cook and not sure if u all know but there hand luggage sizes are really odd and quite small and so the Travel Box that you can get for the Wedding Dress is quite small...I've got a Maggie Sottero Dress called COCO and i'm panicing thinking if it'll fit in such a small box, has anyone had any similar experiances, i'm not sure how small i can fold the dress?? image
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    I am so wearing my dress on the strip after the meal. I have been told that a few girls do it and me and H2B are looking forward to some late night partying photos in our wedding gear. It is a full wedding dress too! Have no idea which bars and clubs to go to after the meal though. This we may decide when we 1st arrive before the big day.

    We did invite 24 people and are now down to 10 people who have booked and waiting on 4 people. My 2 best buds are pregnant so they cant fly but guess that is the problem with getting married so far away!
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