Protestant weddings in italy

Has anyone had, been to or is planning a Protestant wedding in Italy? My h2b and I have finally decided on having a Protestant ceremony in a church in Ravello (he is Catholic and i l am CofE but not really religious, but after much soul searching this is our compromise!)

I don't know what the protocol is in Italy - do you have to have a traditional service with hymns etc, or can you bring your own music? I'd love to hear about your experiences and also to fine out whether you need to have a civil validation separately.




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    I am half Italian and was protestant.

    It depends on the priest anyway. But be careful: a Protestant wedding ceremony in a catholic church will be almost impossible due to the ceremonial requirements.

    Normally they are very conservative.

    Why don't you do it the way friends of did: the bride isn't baptised at all: do it in the garden of a hotel!
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