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When you get married abroad you have to have blood tests in some places, do you know if they can refuse to marry you if they find anything from the blood tests?



  • KenyatwoKenyatwo Posts: 945
    Not really sure the only place I know of for blood tests is mexico some one told me this is to check if you are pregnant but don't know if that is true.

    where are you thinking of going?

    When we were looking we picked up a wedding brochure from travel agents in back it tells you all legal requirements for countries it was a great help to us and helped us to pick our destination

    Tina x
  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    No blood tests are required for Thailand - not even for work permits or residents visa... In fact the only medical test I had to have was a general health one when I applied for my work permit.


  • jessicadlastjessicadlast Posts: 431
    some states in the US still require blood tests to check for STDs--i dont think they wont marry you if they come back postive i think its just a disclosure thing- so both parties are aware of it.
  • Hiya,

    Thanks for your replys, they have been of help. We are getting married in Mexico next year, knowing that they want you to have blood tests and medical certs!

    Thanks again
  • sarahharveysarahharvey Posts: 707
    Hi Miss s phillips, i am getting wed in Mexico next April. They require blood tests to check for HIV and to determine your blood group (not sure why) and also if you have been divorced less that a year they do a pregnancy test also. Bizarre i know, This is what i have gathered from brochures and also what people have told me who wed there. These tests must be paid for in resort and can be done in your hotel room sometimes!! Imagine that! I'm just hoping i dont bruise too bad for the pics!! xx
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