Back from my santorini wedding!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Girls

Well im back from santorini and i had the most amazing time. Santorini is truly beautiful. Oia is a definate must see.

Our wedding couldn't have gone more smoothly.

We had michael as our wedding co-ordinator who was very nice but i think they are a little expensive considering i did most of the planning my self. I got my own flowers when i arrived, two musicians, car and cake and still payed wedding planner over ?????£1000. He came and picked us up 2 days after arriving and drove us too st irini where our ceromony was and the too pyrgos restaurant ( Which i also arranged from england) then we didnt see him till wedding day. After that he came back next day to take us too town hall and thats it.

We had our own photographer who was fantastic. He traveled over from england to be with us a did a great job. His name is Jez Dickson and i cant reccommend him enough. He was with us night before wedding and alday on the wedding till we left at night. If you go to his blog you can see few pics of our day!!

We had our reception at pyrgos and it was beautiful. Mr armetis was just lovley. I must say the food was gorgous we really enjoyed it.

We stayed at tamarix del mar in kamari which was alovely hotel but not great for kids. We had two under 3 and was on secound floor with dangerous balcony. Overall though fab hotel.

Kamari great but there are much more beautiful places in santorin which you definatley must see.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

Gem xxx


  • MissRMPMissRMP Posts: 130
    WOW! You look stunning and pictures and location to match! Massive congrats xx
  • Wow Gembers, that sounds incredible!! I did think of you at the airport as I'm sure our flights were within half hour of each other image Had a look at the blog, you looked incredible!!

    I'm on my lounger right now, still in Santo, and we had the most incredible wedding day last Sat. I'll post about it properly when we get home though.


    Suzie xxxx
  • ejrogersukejrogersuk Posts: 61
    Hi Gembers,

    I'm getting married in Santorini next year so i had a little peak at your photos on the blog - its looks stunning.

    Could i ask you a question about Pyrgos - was the food as lovely as you'd hoped? Its quite an expensive venue for the reception but i don't mind that as long as it is really lovely.

    And would you recommend the Tamarix? That is where we are planning to stay and we don't have any children but I have read a couple of negative reviews on Trip Advisor.

    Thank you

  • claire81lclaire81l Posts: 30
    Thanks for doing a write up, it really helps when planning a wedding from afar. You look stunning in the photos.

    I would also like to ask re:Pyrgos. We are considering here as it looks beautiful, but a little cautious due to the cost. Did you have a private area, if so for how many and did you have to pay for this? What food did you have?


  • gembersgembers Posts: 104
    Hi girls

    The food is very nice at the pyrgos we really enjoyed it and all the guests said so aswell. We had the buffet and there was loads of food.

    We went for the downstairs room and it was just gorgous, great views. It was lovely as we had private terrace and most people were out there till late. We didn't pay for the room we had 27 guests including ourselfs but he did agree to give it us free as long as we had 30. When we arrived there were only 27 so he wanted us to have wine drinks package for 3 hrs which was ok but bit pricey. The wine lasted all night but we didnt need it as most guests were drinking beer or something else. But he wanted us to have this i suppose to make a bit more money.

    It is very easy to get carried away with paying out money in santorini so stand your ground and barter them down. We got musicians for 140euro should of been 200E
  • Mea79Mea79 Posts: 99
    Hi Gem, you looked fantastic, I love the photos. Any more?

    We get married June 2011 in Santo winery then off to the Santorini Princess.

    We are using the same planners as you but in contact with Elena not Michael. You've got me thinking about what they actually do for their money. Could I ask what you got for your £1000? (am I too cheeky?!)

    I would love your musicians contact please. We were quoted 200E which I really don't want to pay but at the same time would like some Greek tradition.

    Thanks, Marie image
  • jorosiepjorosiep Posts: 334

    H2B and I are going with Michael and Elena and they are planning everything for us, and we think they are worth the money. I suppose it depends on how much you want them to do and how much you want to plan/book yourself. As I am currently completing my masters I don't have the time to devote to planning myself, which is why Michael is doing it for us. For example: booked the mayor and first and second choice venues (in case the first gets cancelled), booked the restaurant, arranging the photographer and transport for the bride, groom and a mini bus for the guests, the paperwork required by law in Greece, organising our initial co-ordinating the whole wedding, and organising anything else that I may have forgotten. We could also get witnesses, wedding cake and flowers in the price of the package which we were able to create ourselves. We do think he is worth the money.


  • gembersgembers Posts: 104
    Hi Marie

    Not cheeky at all we got:-

    1. Booking wedding date and time

    2. Reserving location

    3. Assistance with legal paperwork

    4. Arranging for Registrar and two witnesses (complimentary)

    5. Town Hall Fee

    10. A bottle of French Champagne

    14. Ceremony coordination

    15. All taxes and VAT included

    Not sure what assistance with legal paperwork is. I got all paperwork completed and scanned it too him.

    I dont think we got alot for our money but i suppose thats how they make a living. We got quotes for everything from him like musicians which he quoted 300E and i actually got for 140E. All i did was ring musician and he said 200E and i managed to get him for 140E.We got our own mini bus which cost 100e for 27 people and it took us from kamari to st irene then up to prygos and then back to kamari when the wedding reception was over. Bus was from a tour shop just up from tamarix del mar and the owner was just lovely. Its not hard to get hold of anyone in santorini everybody knows someone so it was not difficult to arrange really. The planners get you because i didn't know how to book registrar and wedding venue or i would have done it all myself and saved a fortune. Michael is very nice though its just when it came down to it i didnt really need him and would of saved a fortune. He did everything he said he would so in all i was very happy. Im definatley not saying he was rubbish its just i know there are things that can be done just as easily yourself for a lot less money if your prepared to do that

    I will dig out all my contacts and post then asap

    Gem x
  • Gembers,

    You look so lovely and happy! I was similar to you except I paid around 1600 euro and our wedding was held on our balcony so no transport and location costs. Our coordinator wouldn't reduce the rate. We were completley ripped off.

    Would be great if you did a little summary on the thread I started.

  • ejrogersukejrogersuk Posts: 61
    Hi Gembers,

    When you dig them out I would be interested to get your contacts for the minibus. I have been quoted about 240 Euros for a mini bus just to go from Santo Winery to Pyrgos which is no distance at all!

    And we'll be staying in Kamari at the Tamarix too, so I may just organise the transport myself.

  • ejrogersukejrogersuk Posts: 61
    I think wedding co-ordinators in Santorini are expensive generally. When I was trying to decide who to go with I got quotes for the same package from 3 co-ordinators who were recommended on here and they all had pretty much the same prices give or take 100 Euros.

    I went with Michael because he got the best reveiws and responded to my emails the quickest.

    So I don't think it is that Michael is particularly expensive, more than everything generally in Santorini is expensive!
  • ejrogersukejrogersuk Posts: 61
    Hi Gembers,

    I was just wondering what you did at Pyrgos with regard to music and dancing? We are planning to take our Ipod and hook it up to their sound system but im not sure what that will be like without any disco lights etc..

    thanks x
  • gembersgembers Posts: 104

    We just took our iphone and plugged it into what he had it was a good system

  • claire81lclaire81l Posts: 30
    Hi Gem,

    Thanks for the info on pyrgos, will def have a look at it when we get out there.

    What time was your ceremony and what time did you get to pyrgos/have meal?

    Our wedding time was meant to be 6pm but has been changed to 4pm because of another wedding. Our photographer had suggestde that this allows time for photos of me and H2B at another location which would mean we get some fab photos but i'm a little concerned about our guests and what to do with them to occupy them.

    Do you have your contact for the mimbus?


  • J-reneeJ-renee Posts: 127
    Hi Gem, thanks for sharing your pics look amazing I cant wait for my wedding now only 4 weeks left!! Where did you have your ceremony? Also would you be able to give a little info about the ceremony how long it lasted what sort of voew you had to sat etc..


  • Mea79Mea79 Posts: 99
    Gemma, I just saw your slideshow.


    I must admit I shed a tear. The pictures of the children are beautiful. Your photgrapher did a fantastic job.

    Marie xx
  • gembersgembers Posts: 104

    We had our ceromony at st irene and it was truly amazing, fantastic veiws you look right out onto volcano. The ceromony lasts around 10 mins so not very long at all really.

    I cant find the mini bus company but if you were to come out of the tamarix del mar hotel and turn right up the hill just a minute walk and its just before you go left up another hill to ancient thira. Its call something tours i think. The man who owns it speaks very good english and has long hair he is so nice he helped us loads when my daughter were ill he gave us doctors number. He does really good prices.

    Gem xxx

    Forgot to put we were married at 3.00pm and got to pyrgos for around 3.45 and then had strawberrys and wine for an hr the musicians came with us and played while we drank in garden area. We then went downstairs and started meal around 6.00 xxx

    Bumping it up incase you girls havnt read this yet x
  • gembersgembers Posts: 104
    Bump xxx
  • Mea79Mea79 Posts: 99
    Hi Gemma!

    Did you manage to find out the info on the Greek musicians you had?

    Marie x
  • claire81lclaire81l Posts: 30
  • gembersgembers Posts: 104

    Yes the number is:-

    Yannis Chassiotis

    0030 22860 71213 / mobile 0030 69364 50997 onto the site

    He spoke good english i called his mobile

    Gem x
  • Hi Ladies

    I am new to this site having just booked our wedding in Santorini. Having looked at Gemmas pictures i know we have made the right choice.

    Did you arrange to have your makeup done out there or was this part of a package through the co-ordinator. The costs really seem to be moutning up and i am beginning to wonder whether i should arrange certain things when im out there.

    Any advise on the items that you arranged whilst out their would be really appreciated.


  • AmyWattyAmyWatty Posts: 124
    Congratualtions, you looked stunning!!
  • Mea79Mea79 Posts: 99
    Thanks for the number Gemma. Does he have a website?
  • gembersgembers Posts: 104
    Hi Girls

    I did my makeup myself and my sister did my hair these are very expensive in santorini!!

    Yannis doesnt have a website but if you go to a lay called annissa has set up a site and has ideas and contacts for a lot of people out there. This is where i found yannis and would defo hve a look at site its helpful

    Gem xxx
  • Mea79Mea79 Posts: 99
    Thanks Gemma. I remember seeing her site back last year when I was looking for a planner. I thought there had to be a catch as her info/help was free but now you've said I will take a closer look!

    Marie image
  • image

    Hi girls,

    Congratulations on your weddings in Santorini! It is truly a breathtaking place!

    My boyfriend and I want to get married there in 2012 (still a while to go bot A LOT to plan!) and was wondering if any of you has/will get married in Santorini and have gone through all the bureaucracy of the Church.

    I have no idea how to start, I contacted a woman (apparetley wedding planner) called Anna Vafeiadou

    She told me that if I am not Greek I cannot get married by the Greek Church, which didn't make sense to me at all, since my boyfriend is Greek national and Greek Orthodox.

    If anyone could give me some advise it will be really appreaciated!!!

    Thanks a lot and good luck with planning your weddings!!!

    Marcela xx
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