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Rome Wedding Pics

Hi Girls,

I wonder if anybody can help me? I am getting married in Rome I would love to see if anybody here has been married already in Rome and if they have any pictures?

M x


  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518
    Ooooh congratulations! We spent some our honeymoon in Rome and just wanted to say.... I'm so jealous and you'll have an amazing time! Not much help but thought I wouldn't read and run....

    Where are you getting married in Rome? Is it soon?
  • Hi Lozzi31!

    Thank you I am soo excited! I dont know why I picked Rome I have never been there before but everyone tells me how beautiful it is! It is ages away! its 2 and a half years we had to wait till I finish uni.

    We are getting married in the basilica san silvestro de capite then having our reception meal for fifteen guests in the Hassler hotel at the top of the Spanish steps.

    I hope someone sees my posts and can share their photos!


    where are you getting married??

    M x
  • anadartanadart Posts: 37

    I got married in Rome 2008. We got married at the place next to the forum (can't remeber the name) its the were they do the civil ceremonies hosted byt he mayor of rome no less lol!!

    We had a carriage ride around rome, guests had a drink at the "wedding cake" (the huge white building down from colloseum) on the balcony whilst we did that, and then we all met at colloseum and had photos. Then had sit down meal on roof top of the Exedra.

    Was totally totally amazing - boiling but amazing!!! Everyone so friendly and giving us good wishes etc.

    We have been to Rome tons and love the place.

    If you want piccies i can attempt ot upload or any advice or anything just let me know and i can see what i can remember.

    So many do the lakes and i can see why but for us Rome was brilliant nad the best moeny I have ever spent.

    You will have a great time just watch out for the cobbles - naffs up your shoes - we even had strangers stop us to take photos - one couple had waited up at the place where we were getting married - i was very late - so they left and when we turned up at the spanish steps they saw us,came running over and congratulated us - no ideda who they were at all! At the spansih steps we got a street full of applause which was so embarrassing but actually made for the best photo ever!!

    One of the best places in the world!

  • Thank you Mitzy!

    It all sounds amazing! well our reception is in the hotel at the top of the spanish steps so I hope this will give us great photos!

    Can I please give you my email address its [email protected] could you send me a few pics I would love to see them!? also I am sure I will end up with a million and one questions as time goes on!

    what hotel did you and your guests stay in?


    M x
  • anadartanadart Posts: 37
    Sure will give it a go - i warn you there were like a million photos. Anything specific you were thinking of like landmarks to stand in front etc?

    Our planner was Matrimoniando and i still have a copy of the civil wedding vows in Italian if that helps.

    My husband and I stayed in the Exedra after the wedding but at £350 a night plus maybe a bit expensive for gusets - Hassler around same mark too I would guess.

    We actually used Rental in Rome - fab company that rent out apartments so our friends doubled up etc and it ment we (girlys) had a Hen night of pampering in a house the night before. It worked out the same as hotels. We got married in the October so was still peak season.

    At night Rome is very dark so there are not many views from roof tops but at dusk it is stunning.

    Other hotels for good budget is usually nearer the train station. Via amedeus is good or that area - its not very quiet but for budget can't be beaten - also some good pubs near by and central to getting buses or walking down to colloseum etc - You will do tons of walking but its great fun.

    Where you are has the Villa Borgehse up the road which is a huge park and near the Tiber so cheap hotels maybe founnd there - it is quieter around there. Our guests were dotted where ever they could get but transport etc and all the major tourist attractions are so close - not like London so it was dead easy for them.

    In October I think the Rentals were roughly just over £100 each for three nights which is great. Obviously the more people share the more cheaper it is.

    Will try and get the photos to you over next few days and feel free to ask anything. Oh word of warning you did used to have to go to the Embassy in London to get a stamped thing to say you were getting married in Rome but they chop and change the laws all the time so your planner will tell you.


  • Thank you for all of that information! thats wonderful I will have a look into these apartements!

    ok I am actually planning it alone ahah with no planner! I am contacting everyone directly the priest is dealing with all of the paperwork etc!

    as for photos just send me whatever you have time to send any ones with nice landmarks in the background sound great!

    Thank you again!

    image x
  • MrsRadcliffe1MrsRadcliffe1 Posts: 3,524
    i would just like to say im very jealous that you are getting married in Rome. Sounds Amazing!! xx
  • Thank you MrsRadcliffe1!

    heehee I hope it goes well since I have never been there! image x
  • MrsM28MrsM28 Posts: 11

    You're in luck..I just got married in Rome on June the 26th!!

    Like 'mitzy' I also got married at Compidoglio (Michelangelo's square) for civil ceremony. It was amazing!!! We got married at 4:30 which was ideal as we still had the sun but not too hot.

    I also had my reception on the roof top terrace at the Hassler Hotel which was out of this world. There were 12 of us in total and everyone was blown away by the service and views!

    We had someone in charge (not sure of the title) and 3 waiters the whole night and it didn't feel too much. We also had 3 of the wedding planners and two photographers lol, but i didn't ask them to stay. It seems that they offer a far better service and were only interested in making sure we were all happy.

    I had never been to Rome either and everyone thought I was a little crazy as I had left it all in the hands of a wedding planner. Especially as I am the sort of person who requested different sized candles and changed my venue, reception and flowers several times!!

    I don't have the professional photos yet but will send them when I get them. However, I do have some photos that people have taken.

    I can email you all the details you want including prices. Ask as many questions as you want image In saying that i highly recommend a wedding planner. I could not fault them and they were not that expensive. They can be involved as much or as little as you want.

    My wedding planner also saved the day when my dress was badly crushed once it got to Rome. It took one text and my dress was collected and returned perfectly the same day for little cost!!

    if it's not too much I can give you a detailed account of the whole wedding experience! Like the other brides i often read

    image x

  • ok hello MRS M2B!!


    I am actually so excited to know all the details about your wedding and pics! please!

    is the hassler as beautiful as I imagine it??

    please email me with any pics of the reception that would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Mairi x
  • MrsM28MrsM28 Posts: 11

    Sorry guys...Think I may need to do this another night. I don't get the whole posting pics! How does it work? Can someone spell it out for me? lol


  • MrsM28MrsM28 Posts: 11

  • MrsM28MrsM28 Posts: 11
    That's it..I'm crap at this!!

    Anyone that wants my pics with little story send me your email address. At least I know how to do that! lol image
  • Hi MrsM2B!!

    sorry you spent time trying to upload some pics and couldn't do it! I don't know how to do that? Can you please email me:

    [email protected]

    don't leave out any details and lots of pics please image

    Thank you!!

    M X
  • anadartanadart Posts: 37

    Sorry I have not sent you pics yet - sifting through them!

    Just thought if you do a google search on MATRIMONIANDO.IT you should find our planners - they have a virtual extimater for cost etc for varying things in rome and you don't have to use them for everything. In rome you tend to deal with the hotel directly half the time anyway!!

    Oh and sneaky tip - I took my mum to the Exedra for dinner one night just so she could see where we were getting married etc cos she couldn't come. They knew we were coming and even though we did not ask they gave us the FULL 7 course wedding meal for FREE as our meal to make sure we liked it. Was totally bowled over by their generiousty (sorry about spelling).

    You could go to Rome for a night or two prior to wedding to "see" your venue and maybe get some samplers!!

    Oh and the wedding cakes tend not to be same as ours - I prefered theirs as I don't like cake, and its more a one tier pastry creation - very yummy.

    If you do go for a weekend prior then make sure you put a coin in the Trevi fountain and your wish will come true image

    Ours did!!

    Have baby brain at moment so will try and pics up but bear with me. All this talk of Rome itching to get bakc again lol

    Oh and the ice cream is to die for LOL

  • Hi Mitzy!

    take your time looking at your pics!

    awww congratulations on your baby is this your first?! I will def be making a wish! have you ever seen the film when in Rome? very cheesy!

    I will be 27 when I get married just completing a loooong 9 years of uni so I will be starting working prob maybe have to wait 5 years or so before babies! lol

    speak soon!

    M x
  • Vicki!

    thank you so much for your emails! I am going to sit and read through them tomorrow as I havent had a chance been busy with meetings all day! the pics look stunning!

    you need to show me more pics of the hassler aswell!

    I will prob email you with amillion and one questions!

    Thanks again!

    speak soon!

    Mairi x
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