Personalised Fans

Does anyone know any good companies / websites where I can get personalised fans where they don't need a minimum order. The ones I have been looking at all seem to need a minimum order of 80 fans! I only need 9.


  • susieq123uksusieq123uk Posts: 219

    I got ine from fanfair, and only wanted 10, they were very good as I was a bit undecided about what colour wanted
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I used FanfairUK for mine too. They were very late arriving and the customer service is shocking, but the fans are lovely x
  • the fans where great in the end but yes they where late and customer service bad xxxx
  • Yes I am used them as well. Terrible customer service, have to do it online. I am still waiting to get them..
  • akaladykakaladyk Posts: 238
    I want the personalised sandelwood ones where the personalisation is on the handle but its min of 80 - grrrr so annoying - fanfair dont do them
  • bubblydebsbubblydebs Posts: 256
    I've ordered mine from fanfair now, i've asked them to put the names on handle and they are doing so, I don't think they are sandlewood ones though.

    The customer service hasn't been too bad so far, it's early days yet though. How long after you all ordered them did you recieve them? I only have 2 months to go.
  • bubblydebsbubblydebs Posts: 256
    I've recieved my fans already, got them within a week from fanfair.
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